Nov 14 2017

Silicon Valley Is Building the Infrastructure for a Police State

The Identity Project is  featured along with our friends at the Electronic Frontier Foundation in the latest report from Reason.TV, Is Silicon Valley Building the Infrastructure for a Police State? New AI tools could empower the government to violate our civil liberties.

If you have ten minutes to watch the video, it’s a good introduction to Palantir, pre-crime policing, automated decision-making and control (“extreme vetting”), and the homeland-security industrial complex.

3 thoughts on “Silicon Valley Is Building the Infrastructure for a Police State

  1. Hi Edward,

    An excellent video and article.

    People like Theil and others had received Venture Capital Monies from Bertlesmann, AG….in addition to Other Inteligence and Military Factions, US Navy deeply involved.

    The Space Fence will also play a major Role in this activity; along with 5G Technology.

    No doubt this is evolving in the Public Eye, for Predictive Programing and because it involves large areas of Life.

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