Lawyer’s Corner

The Lawyer’s Corner is a resource for attorneys, and for individuals bringing cases on their own behalf, to view the court documents (the legal complaints and subsequent pleadings filed by the parties) of important recent ID related cases. It is through the open sharing of these legal documents that common litigation pitfalls can be avoided and better strategies developed. If you know of a case that should be posted here, please email the material to Edward Hasbrouck at info AT papersplease DOT org.


ID Related Cases and Case Documents


ID to fly:

Ibrahim v. DHS

Civil Action #DC 06-00545 / AC 06-70574
Last updated 3 Aug 06

On January 2, 2005, Rahinah Ibrahim, a mother of four children and a PhD student at Stanford University, was prohibited from boarding an aircraft departing from the San Francisco International Airport. She was told that she was on the No-Fly List and arrested. She is not a terrorist. She was just a foreign student here in the United States trying to fly home…  More…

Gilmore v. Gonzales

See IDP’s coverage of this featured case here and the legal documents section contained therein.

Gray v. TSA

Civil Action #05-11445DPW
Last updated 13 Jul 06

The Gray case involved a foreign born commercial pilot who was initially denied authorization by the TSA to train on larger aircraft. When he appealed this determination he found himself on the No-Fly list.  More…


ID to enter courthouses:

Foti v. McHugh

Civil Action #App. Case No. 05-16079 Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
Last updated 25 Oct 06

Plaintiffs were denied access to a federal courtroom on numerous occasions because they do not own identification and therefore cannot comply with the photo identification requirement to enter the building. There are two separate federal court cases here, the first that Plaintiffs were not able to attend because of lack of ID, and the second over the ID requirement itself….  More…


ID in public:

Hiibel v. Sixth Judicial District Court of the State of Nevada

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