Dec 29 2006

More illegalities in the “Automated Targeting System”

Even while trying to defend the Automated Targeting System that is being used to deny travelers their rights on the basis of secret “risk assessments” that give each of us a terror score from secret databases of third-party and government information about us, the Department of Homeland Security has admitted to more and more violations of Federal laws, the U.S. Constitution, and international human rights treaties.

Today the Identity Project filed supplemental comments with the DHS, pointing out the additional legal problems — including criminal violations of the Privacy Act by DHS officials — revealed by DHS statements since we filed our initial comments on the ATS scheme and how it violates an explicit Congressional prohibition on assigning risk to airline passengers whose names aren’t on government watch lists.

We don’t expect the DHS, especially its Privacy (invasion) Ofiice, to police itself. Keep asking questions and demand answers and action from Congress and European Union officials. If you are in the EU, request your travel records so that we can find out what has really been happening, and how they have really been used.

2 thoughts on “More illegalities in the “Automated Targeting System”

  1. Gosh, what have you got to hide?

    The police are only trying to help. Why wouldn’t you want to provide them with your papers identifying yourself on demand? What is wrong with providing fingerprints, retinal scan, DNA samples, other biometric info, and answering a few questions; all reasonably requested at traffic stops, sobriety checkpoints, 3 a.m. no knock warrant service, your kid’s school? Don’t you want to help the police?

    Shouldn’t the police have the power to demand to know where you have been, where you are going, what you have been doing, what you plan to do, what and where you have eaten, do you own this vehicle, this house, this business, how much money do you have on your person, can I search your car, your trunk, your home (that was not a request), your person, your anus?

    Shouldn’t the police have the power to shoot your dog, or stomp your cat?

    Shouldn’t the police have the power to brandish weapons upon every interaction with the public they serve? To order about, belittle, humiliate, terrorize, restrain, electrocute, gas, club or beat anyone they encounter?

    Well, your judges and the public seem to think so.

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