Dec 08 2006

Chertoff thinks it’s “righteous” to give each traveler a terror score

Everywhere he goes this week, Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff is being dogged by questions about the illegality of the “Automated Targeting System” we pointed out in our comments filed Monday.

Today in Atlanta, Chertoff had this to say about the scheme that is already being used to archive your last 40 years of travel records, use them and everything else the government can find out about you to assign you a terror “risk assessment” each time you cross a U.S. border, and use that score to decide whether to let you travel:

“It’s not only legal but required by law,” Chertoff said during a visit to
Atlanta. “I think this is a righteous program.”…

Literally every day we’re turning people away” at U.S. entry points,
Chertoff said.

And he asserted that the ATS has “no cost to privacy or human rights.”

The AP story that reported this didn’t say whether Chertoff said godliness or cleanliness are among the 50+ factors used to calculate this “righteous” score.

2 thoughts on “Chertoff thinks it’s “righteous” to give each traveler a terror score

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  2. The goal of the New World Order (NWO) is a one world economy, monetary system and a one world government controlled by a small number of super wealthy elites whom, believe they have the absolute right to be our masters. Attainment of the NWO’s sinister plan for total power over every person on earth can not be fully implemented until the slaves (property) are properly identified (National ID), categorized (good slave, questionable slave, or bad slave), sufficiently indoctrinated (brainwashed), made tractable (RFID chips) and controllable (must have the state’s blessing to work, buy, sell, travel, etc.)

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