May 26 2011

Phil Mocek files claim for violations of his civil rights

After being acquitted by a jury of all of the charges filed against him after he was arrested at a TSA checkpoiunt at the Albuquerque airport, Phil Mocek has filed a claim against the City of Albuquerque and the Albuquerque Aviation Police Department for violations of his civil rights.

Mr. Mocek is still soliciting donations to pay off the costs of defending himself against the trumped-up criminal charges. He is being represented in his civil claim against the city and the police by the First Amendment Project, of which the Identity Project is a component.

There has been no immediate response to Mr. Mocek’s claim for damages. For updates, see our FAQ.

2 thoughts on “Phil Mocek files claim for violations of his civil rights

  1. I can really relate to Phil’s problem. A few years ago when visiting in Buffalo, New York, my purse containing my wallet with ID was stolen. I had to fly back to Oklahoma a few days later, and was forced to secure a notorized statement from someone at the Coast Guard, where my son-in-law worked, as to my identity.

    Fortunately the security people at the airport were very nice. That was back in the good old days when people treated you like a human being.

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