Jan 05 2009

“The Department of Homeland Security in Action”

Just in time for the launch tomorrow night (Tuesday, Jan. 6th) of the the new DHS “reality” television show, Michael Yon has a timely post about an aspect of DHS reality that the “embedded” television production crews probably won’t show us: Border Bullies: The Department of Homeland Security in Action. Read the whole story. The devil is in the details of how Michael’s friend was treated on arrivial in the USA (en route to spend money as a tourist at Disneyworld), but here are a few snippets:

While the U.S. Immigration officer named Knapp rifled through all her belongings, Aew sat quietly. She was afraid of this man, who eventually pushed a keyboard to Aew and coerced her into giving up the password to her e-mail address. Officer Knapp read through Aew’s e-mails that were addressed to me, and mine to her. Aew would tell me later that she sat quietly, but “Inside I was crying.” She had been so excited to finally visit America. America, the only country ever to coerce her at the border. This is against everything I know about winning and losing the subtle wars. This is against everything I love about the United States. We are not supposed to behave like this. Aew would tell me later that she thought she would be arrested if she did not give the password….

Knowing that Homeland Security officers are creating animosity and anxiety at our borders does not make me feel safer. How many truly bad guys slip by while U.S. officers stand in small rooms and pick on little women?…

I had intended to show Aew a bit of my country. But it’s taking a little while for her to get over her discomfort at being in America. She was treated better in China. So was I.

7 thoughts on ““The Department of Homeland Security in Action”

  1. I decided 7 years ago not to visit the US until Bush and his fascist policies were long gone. I truly hope that as of January 20 the beginning of the end of this terrible time in America will start to fade away.

  2. This story is exactly why, despite numerous business and personal opportunities, I absolutely refuse to go anywhere near the U.S. I won’t even go to Canada as I’ve seen horror stories of passangers on planes due for there but diverted for one reason or another. It’s too undignifying, demorilising, and against our rights as human beings. I won’t stand for it, so I am one of many whose tourist dollars the U.S. is missing out on by their draconian and inhumane border control methods.

  3. Archie1954, there’s no hope for visiting the United States if you’re looking for totalitarian policies to go away. Obama will continue the downward spiral that started over 100 years ago.

    There’s probably not going to be an easier time than now, it’s only going to get worse.


    You tell people that have a problem with the government asking questions to stay home. Have you actually looked at the United police States of America lately? Our government, and yes, I am a native born American, has crapped on the Constitution, and wiped their behinds with the Bill of Rights, and sadly, the citizens of this country are allowing it. This country is rapidly becoming a totalitarian police state.

    I can’t blame people of other countries at all, for avoiding it. In my 59 years, I’ve seen this country go from one that valued the rights of the individual, to one where no one has any real rights, or privacy.

    I have become so sick of what this country is becoming, I am leaving it for a country that still values the rights of the individual. And as a note, I’ve recently read in various places, the flow of people coming to the USA is reversing. More people are now leaving the USA than entering. That, in an of itself, tells me something is “VERY” wrong with the direction the United States is taking.

  5. CBP don’t simply ask questions. They are F***in’ A**Holes! They are constantly violating civil rights. “We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Not so with the the CBP. They are cowards armed with guns!

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