Jan 06 2009

“We Will Not Be Silent” on JetBlue Airlines

Showing that they haven’t lost their ability to waste their stockholders’ and the taxpayers money by violating travelers’ rights, JetBlue Airlines and two TSA officials have paid $240,000 to a JetBlue passenger who they forced to cover up the message on his t-shirt as a condition of allowing him to fly home from New York to California.

Raed Jarrar, an Iraqi-American who works for the Nobel Peace prize-winning American Friends Service Committee, was prevented by both JetBlue and the TSA from boarding the plane until he covered up his shirt, which said “We will not be silent” in both English and Arabic.

JetBlue previously had to apologize to its customers for turning over its entire historical PNR database of records about everyone who had ever taken a JetBlue flight to a military contractor working on a profiling scheme linked to the Total Information Awareness program, prompting lawsuits by several groups of passengers.

Perhaps now that the TSA has settled with Mr. Jarrar, we can once again safely wear the “Suspected Terrorist” buttons that got John Gilmore and his traveling companion kicked off a British Airways flight in San Francisco.