Jun 26 2008

D.C. ID Roadblock Case Filed

The Partnership for Civil Justice, a Washington DC-based public interest law firm, filed a class action lawsuit in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia seeking an injunction against the Metropolitan Police Department’s Neighborhood Safety Zone checkpoint program.

The lawsuit asserts that the roadblock program instituted in recent weeks is an unconstitutional suspicionless seizure of persons traveling on public roadways in the District of Columbia. The lawsuit also challenges the District’s use of these mass civil rights violations to collect and aggregate data on the movements, activities and associations of law abiding residents and visitors to the District and seeks expungement of this information.

If anyone has doubts about the danger of mission creep associated with a state’s compliance with the Real ID Act, they should be told about what’s going on here.  While this fiasco was initiated by local authorities, remember that §201(3) of the Real ID Act grants a sole individual (the Secretary of DHS) the authority to establish by fiat when and where “official” ID is required in the United States.

Copies of the Class Action Complaint, Mills v. District of Columbia, can be accessed here.

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