Sep 21 2007

The Homeland Security Vacuum Cleaner

An Identity Project investigation into the incredible amount of personal information collected by DHS was published yesterday. Titled “Homeland Security’s Data Vacuum Cleaner In Action”, the report documents how DHS keeps track of your race, what you read, where you sleep and with whom you associate. Wired‘s story from yesterday was followed-up by a front page splash in today’s Washington Post. We are opposing the DHS proposal to exempt most of this information from the Privacy Act., and we have posted forms and instructions on how you can request a copy of your own travel dossier.

7 thoughts on “The Homeland Security Vacuum Cleaner

  1. Please publish the process very quickly. I travel about 2-3 times per year internationally and am curious what I have in my file! Thanks!

  2. I sent my request for my dossier to the feds via certified mail/return receipt. They received it on 10/4/07. Twelve business days later, on 10/19/07, I have yet to receive any communication back from them. I guess the feds are not honoring the OMB’s recommendation to respond to communications within 10 days. I’ll post more when I hear back from them.

  3. I still have not heard back from the Dept of Homeland Security…so I’ve escalated my request for my dossier by asking my congressman and two senators (via mail) to inquire into my request. Hopefully, this will get the DHS’ attention.

  4. My local congressman is now actively helping me to get my dossier because the DHS has not responded since my initial 10/4/07 request. You can read more about my request at the listed website.

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