Nov 21 2017

Take Action

Decline to show your ID the next time someone demands it – and stand your ground.  Ask to see the law that requires you to show your ID.  See just what happens.  Inform yourself, by personal experience, about your society and your country. Oppose state laws that would cause your state to join the AAMVA […]

Nov 21 2017

Request Your Secure Flight Records

The Secure Flight program creates a system of records into which the TSA places the data it receives from the airlines and uses to determine whether you are allowed to fly. The collection of this data by the federal government is subject to the requirements of the Privacy Act of 1974 that requires that American […]

Nov 21 2017

Be A Freedom Flier

– An IDP Investigation The Identity Project continues to pursue our investigation of what records the TSA and DHS are keeping about our movements. You can help by exercising your right to request your travel records using the forms and instructions here.  

Sep 24 2017

Muslim Ban 3.0 blaimed on ICAO passport standards and “ID management”

Invoking memes that we’ve seen and warned about before under both Democratic and Republican administrations, President Trump has attributed the latest version 3.0 of his “Muslim ban”announced today (proclamation, FAQ, explainer) with the need to comply with ICAO and INTERPOL standards for passport issuance, “identity management”, and data sharing about travelers — as though US immigration […]

Mar 15 2017

Palantir, Peter Thiel, Big Data, and the DHS

San Francisco and Silicon Valley are among the centers of opposition to President Trump and his fascism, especially as it relates to restrictions on movement, border controls, immigration, and asylum. Bay Area technology companies and their better-paid classes of employees like to think of themselves as building a better world that reflects the distinctive values […]

Feb 27 2017

What should you to do if you are asked for your password at a US airport or border?

Our work is cited in an article today by Kaveh Waddell in The Atlantic, “How Long Can Border Agents Keep Your Email Password? Some data gathered from travelers going through customs can stay in a Homeland Security database for 75 years.” The article in The Atlantic highlights several recent incidents in which international travelers have […]

Oct 03 2016

How the DEA uses travel company spies to confiscate travelers’ cash

A report by the Office of the Inspector General (OIJ) of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) sheds more light on how the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) pays workers for airlines, Amtrak, bus companies, and package delivery services to spy on their customers, troll through reservation and shipping records, and finger travelers and senders and […]

Aug 10 2016

DEA recruits airline & travel industry staff to inform on travelers

Brad Heath reports in USA Today that the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has been recruiting airline and other travel industry staff to inform on travelers. The DEA has been using these tips from industry insider informers with access to travel reservations as the basis for searches, seizures, and “civil forfeiture” proceedings to confiscate cash from […]