Feb 13 2020

REAL-ID Act amendments don’t address the real ID problem

In response to fears by the travel industry (fueled by government lies) that businesses dependent on air travel will lose money if their would-be customers are prevented by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) from flying because they don’t have ID credentials that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) deems sufficiently “compliant”, a proposal was introduced […]

Apr 21 2017

“Stand up to the corrupt Real ID Act”

[Guest commentary by Rep. Chris Tuck, Majority Leader in the Alaska House of Representatives, published in the Alaska Dispatch News, Fairbanks News-Miner, Juneau Empire, Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman, and Alaska Journal of Commerce] I am disappointed that the Administration of [Alaska Governor] Walker has given in to the fear tactics and misinformation of the Department of […]

Dec 18 2008

Maryland Seeks to Change License Policy on Immigration In Order to Implement REAL ID System

Maryland’s governor and transportation secretary have announced that they will seek legislation to change the state’s long-standing policy on driver’s license registration and require proof of legal residence before issuing the cards to state residents. Maryland is hoping to make this change as it begins implementing the federal REAL ID national identification system. The governor […]

Oct 03 2008

California Governor Rejects Bill That Would Implement REAL ID System

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has vetoed SB 60. The legislation would have created a two-tier driver’s license system that would have allowed for the issuance of licenses to undocumented immigrants while at the same time formally adopt the REAL ID Act’s national identification system in California. Specifically, SB 60 said: SEC. 2. The Legislature intends […]

Oct 02 2008

Congress Passes Continuing Resolution, Includes $100M for REAL ID

Over the weekend, Congress passed H.R. 2638, a Fiscal Year 2009 Continuing Resolution that includes funding for federal agencies though March. President Bush signed the bill into law earlier this week. H.R. 2638 includes a provision granting $100 million for state implementation of REAL ID. (These funds are in addition to the $79 million in […]

Jun 24 2008

AAMVA Is Big Winner in DHS Grants to States for REAL ID Implementation

DHS recently announced $79 million in grants to states for REAL ID implementation. DHS said it “awarded $17 million to Missouri to lead the development of the verification hub. Four other states – Florida, Indiana, Nevada, and Wisconsin – will each receive $1.2 million to partner with Missouri for verification hub testing and implementation.” Homeland […]

Jun 23 2008

Department of Homeland Security Gives States $79M for REAL ID Implementation

The Department of Homeland Security announced $79 million in grants to states for implementation of the REAL ID national identification system. The funds will go to projects “such as collecting applicants’ photos at the start of the application process and incorporating additional physical security features into DLs and IDs. Other funded projects that advance REAL […]

Apr 11 2008

Alaska Joins REAL ID Refuseniks

The Alaska state legislature passed a law this evening banning the expenditure of any funds to implement the REAL ID Act. The official state Senate announcement trumpets this “legislation (that) opts Alaska out of REAL ID”. The Identity Project had the honor of being instrumental in educating Alaskans on the evils of REAL ID: we […]

Mar 10 2008

IDP Helps Forment REAL ID Rebellion In California

After a long and uncharacteristic silence, the State of California is finally weighing-in on the national ID card debate: the anti-REAL ID Assembly Joint Resolution 51 was introduced today by Transportation Committee Chairman Pedro Nava. At the Assembly’s invitation, IDP Director Jim Harrison was instrumental in drafting the Resolution: go Jim! More on the Resolution […]