Nov 27 2017

New look for

If you’ve visited before, you probably can’t help noticing that it looks different today, and you might be wondering,  “What happened?”

This is still the same website, operated by the same organization (The Identity Project), with all of the same content accessible at the same URLs.

Over the weekend, thanks to the efforts of an extraordinarily generous and committed volunteer, we’ve deployed the first redesign of the look of our site in more than a decade.

We hope that the new look and formatting will be easier on the eyes and easier to read on a variety of devices, including those with small screens.

Thanks to all of our readers and supporters who’ve stayed with us. If you have friends who found our previous site hard to read, please invite them to give us a fresh look.

There are undoubtedly obsolete links from our old blog posts to other sites. But if you find any links to URLs within the domain that don’t resolve properly, or broken links from our FAQs or other pages outside our blog, please let us know.

3 thoughts on “New look for

  1. A vast improvement, on the website design.

    The Site should enhance your cause in several ways, appearing more credible and professional.
    Reach more readers, because it is now user friendly.

    Luck be with you, the good kind.

  2. Very nice redesign. It’s much easier to read without the dark background. It looks like a professionally designed theme.

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