Aug 14 2008

TSA stops building database of ID-less travelers

USA Today reports that Lack of ID put fliers on TSA list.  16,500 people were in this database since TSA changed the secret rules for travelers in June.  After being called by USA Today to comment for the story, TSA head Kip Hawley changed the rule “effective today” and pledged to remove the 16,500 names from its database of “suspicious people”.

We applaud Mr. Hawley for ceasing to keep permanent records on the id-less 1% of the population.  It remains for him to stop trying to bar citizens from domestic travel based on blacklists, and to stop demanding that people submit to illegitimate government demands to “identify themselves” before moving from place to place in their own country.

3 thoughts on “TSA stops building database of ID-less travelers

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