May 03 2007

Submit comments against Real ID (National ID) this week!

On May 1, 43 organizations encouraged citizens to submit public comments to stop the nation’s first national ID system: REAL ID. The groups represent privacy, consumer, labor, civil liberty, civil rights, and immigrant organizations, such as the American Library Association, AFL-CIO, Common Cause, National Council of La Raza, and Gun Owners of America.

We are concerned about the proposed 200-million-person database containing not only full information needed to impersonate every citizen, but also high resolution scanned images of their birth certificate, marriage license, and other critical documents. The government proposes (without saying so) that anybody who doesn’t submit their info to this database and get this ID will become an “unperson” — unable to drive a car, travel by plane or train, sue or defend a lawsuit, and be barred from “any other federal” government interaction. Many people may not have the documents required to obtain a Real ID, or they may face added requirements base on arbitrary and capricious decisions made by DMV employees.

While providing zero security, the Real ID proposal causes an increased threat of counterfeiting and identity theft, offers third parties unauthorized access to machine readable info on your ID, increased cost to taxpayers, increased costs for obtaining a license or state ID card, and false promises that the Real ID is any more secure or unforgeable than current state ID cards.

Broad opposition to REAL ID already exists in the states. Montana has become the fifth state, following Maine, Idaho, Arkansas, and Washington, to prohibit its state agencies from implementing the REAL ID national ID card. Under the Act, US states, Canadian provinces, Mexican states, and the federal governments would share access to a vast continent-wide database that would include images of birth certificates, marriage licenses, divorce papers, court ordered separations, medical records, and detailed information on the name, date of birth, race, religion, ethnicity, gender, address, telephone, e-mail address, Social Security Number for more than 240 million people. History teaches us that such large collections of valuable information are always abused — and the most serious abuses arise from INSIDE the goverments that have unlimited access.

The draft regulations to implement the REAL ID Act are open for comment until 5 p.m. EST on May 8, 2007. Please act! Submit comments against this fundamentally flawed national identification scheme! Your comments can go under Docket No. 2006-0030-0001 through the public submission portal at, or you can submit them via a friendlier site at EFF.  The first link above also includes other ways of filing, e.g. by postal mail.

14 thoughts on “Submit comments against Real ID (National ID) this week!

  1. Greetings;

    I oppose the federal REAL ID proposed as being entirely too intrusive and making too much information available to virtually anyone with the appropriate scanner, including common criminals, corrupt government officials, and tyrants. The technology employed will undoubtedly be compromised for illicit purposes just as credit cards have been with the use of scanners that do not even have to be in contact to steal information.

    I also oppose the READ ID program as simply the “MARK OF THE BEAST” in infancy, a program designed to destroy all hope of independence and liberty in a New World Order I
    have no respect for.


    David A. McElroy

  2. Sorry folks…. hate to break it to you…… you can moan and groan all you want…. but the chip, or the Mark of the Beast, is the fate of the world…. whether you like it or not. It will happen, and that is a given… that is the ugly truth.

    The most you can do is educate people about it. What it is…. what it’ll mean if they accept it.

    If you think you can stop it from happening…. you would never have seen it prophetically mentioned in the Bible in the first place. Think about it…..

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  4. Our fore-fathers fought for our freedom and independence in this Country, I choose to keep it. Making mine and my family’s private information available for “Big Brother”, villians and any other evil doer is against common principal, logic and sense of well being. Don’t be led like blind cattle, don’t allow this to happen.


  5. i do not support any efforts to implement a national id program. we need to focus on real issues in this country and desist in harrasing law abiding citizens. drug dealers, murders and thugs are running the country, let’s not make their job of controlling us any easier.

  6. HI spencer schluter

    I totally agree with you ……. good to mentioned drug dealers, murders and thugs of the country ….thanks

  7. Hi,

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  8. I really believe the government of the United States wants us (the Americas) to form an union like the EU. Everything the appear to be doing and refuse to do leads in that direction. The ID card is just one more way to “nationalize” non-americans.

  9. State-granted IDs will become useless whenever a national ID becomes available. All we can do is wait for some disgruntled GS-9 to take a laptop full our our data home with him and lose it or worse, sell it on-line.

  10. Real ID should not be tied to drivers licences. It has nothing to do with peoples ability to drive a car. For those of us with Passports, isn’t this form of ID good enough and a national database of people? to travel on planes, enter ferderal buildings “etc”… They should give people a choice… Get a passport instead of Real ID for those other things, that way your licence is seperate and the cost will be cheaper.
    It makes it seem like the government wants real ID for a tracking purposes database, which is totally against peoples privacy. SS# should not even be tied to this either, since that is just a bank account for your retirement.

  11. But we are in a war in the Middle East (Rev.9:14), and it is over weapons of mass destruction (Rev.9:1). It did begin with the Gulf War, which did begin with a lot of smoke (Rev. 9:2). Our helicopters did torture men for five months with EMR weapons (Rev.9:3-5). The effects of those weapons were like the sting of a scorpion when it strikes a man (Rev. 9:5), and the Iraqi’s did want to die (Rev.9:6). This was followed by economic sanctions and bombings in the no fly zone for twelve years (Rev. 11:6). Which was followed by the collapse of two witnesses in one hour, and in that same hour a tenth of the city fell, thousands of people were killed, and the survivors were terrified (Rev.11:13). The bodies of the two witnesses did lie in the street of the great city, where also their Lord the World Trade Organization was impaled (Rev.11:8). It was seen by the whole world, and they were refused burial (Rev.11: 9). Six months after their attack they did ascend up to heaven in the New York lights for thirty-three days (Rev.11:12). And now the solution to the terrorist problem in this global war on terror is the Real mark of the beast ID right on schedule, which does require our biometric information; the print on of the hand of the right, and on of the forehead, to be attached to an image that can speak, without which we cannot buy or sell (Rev. 13:11-17). We are told the beast which is a coalition of super powers, regional powers, military and financial powers, who want to monitor everyone (Rev.13:1-16:17:8-14), is the same beast who destroyed the two witnesses (Rev.11:7). Even though we are commanded to submit to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake (1 Pet.2:13). God forbids us to submit to the mark of the beast (Rev.14:9-10).

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