Nov 21 2017

Ibrahim v. DHS

Civil Action #DC 06-00545 / AC 06-70574 Documents and narrative on this page last updated August 2006. See more recent articles and documents here: Trial (December 2013) and judgment in favor of Dr. Ibrahim Additional articles in our blog Overview On January 2, 2005, Rahinah Ibrahim, a mother of four children and a PhD student […]

Apr 19 2014

Lawyers for Dr. Ibrahim say government acted in bad faith in “no-fly” case

Did government lawyers lie to the judge and the plaintiff in the first “no-fly” case to go to trial? As first noted yesterday by the Courthouse News Service, lawyers for Dr. Rahinah Ibrahim have renewed their allegation that the government acted in “bad faith” before, during, and after the trial. Since the government chose not […]

Dec 04 2013

“No-fly” trial, day 3: Why and how was Dr. Ibrahim barred from the U.S.?

There’s been an argument on Twitter about whether we should have described the treatment of Dr. Rahinah Ibrahim — the plaintiff in the first lawsuit challenging a US government no-fly order to make it to trial — as “Orwellian” or “Kafkaesque”.  We’re inclined to agree with those who say, “But it’s both.” True to form, […]

Dec 04 2013

“No-fly” trial, day 2: Dr. Ibrahim gets her (virtual) day in court

Dr. Rahinah Ibrahim’s lead counsel, Elizabeth Pipkin, opened the second day of trial of Dr. Ibrahim’s lawsuit against the government for putting her on its “no-fly” list without due process with an update on Dr. Ibrahim’s eldest daughter, U.S.-born U.S. citizen Rainan Mustafa Kamal, who was denied permission by the DHS to board a flight […]

Mar 30 2021

Expanding travel policing beyond no-fly lists (and the Fourth Amendment)

According to an article in POLITICO based on interviews with unnamed “law enforcement officials,” the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is considering expanded use of airline reservation data  to target travelers  for more intrusive searches: The department could begin analyzing the travel patterns of suspected domestic extremists, monitor flights they book on short notice […]