Subject:  Thanks for watching my back!

It's strong people like you that protect the weak. God bless.


Subject:  Never, never ever give up

Some men are born to greatness, some achive greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.

I believe strongly in your cause, and I wish you strength and persistance for our common future.

I just downloaded the clip, and it gave me chills. It's a sad day for America if the jackboots win.


Subject:  UR2Cool

Wow, Dudley, you speak for millions of us!

I will be telling everyone I know about your site.

God Bless You, Dude. Mimi can be proud.


Subject:  A few thoughts on your case

Here are a few thoughts...

What does it mean to "identify" oneself? Respondent's Brief point out "NRS 171.123(3) merely requires a person, lawfully detailed on reasonable suspicion, to identify himself. This requirement can be met either by stating a name or producing an identification card. Placing this discretion with the detained person removes any discretion by the officer to determine if the individual satisfies the statute." (p. 4). But Deputy Dove did not give Mr. Hiibel a choice. Dove used "discretion" which he was explicitly forbidden to use. Clearly, from the transcript, it would be reasonable for Mr. Hiibel to have concluded that stating his name was not an option that Dove would accept. (Dove never said "Who are you? or "What is your name?") For this reason, even according to Nevada's Brief, the Supreme Court could decide the case without even addressing constitutionality of NRS 171.123(d), by ruling that a person cannot be required to show identification as the only means of identifying himself. "This Court should only decide that a person, lawfully detained is required to identify himself and allow the person to choose how he or she will comply with this requirement." (p. 6)

Next, Nevada asserts that the officer had "probable cause" to stop and detain Mr. Hiibel, and points out that even Hiibel himself admitted this to the Nevada Supreme Court. How he could have known the officer had "probable cause" is a mystery to me. The transcript of the encounter clearly shows that Dove made no attempt to explain to Hiibel what the supposed probable cause for the stop might have been, despite Hiibel's direct questions to Deputy Dove. Significantly, neither Dove nor any other officer bothered to talk to, or even approach, Mimi Hiibel, who was sitting quietly in the truck throughout the entire encounter. If the "probable cause" was based on a suspicion of domestic violence, wouldn't the officers have approached Mimi, to look for any visible evidence that might show she had been a victim of violence? The officer's lack of concern for Mimi, and evasive answers to his specific questions as to the nature of the investigation, likely communicated to Mr. Hiibel that there was no legitimate reason for Dove to have made this stop.

I hope to be able to hear this case argued at the Supreme Court.

It would be a sad day in America if you lost... we all would lose.

Good luck

A Member, Maryland Bar

Subject:  thank you for standing up

Dudley: Thanks for standing up on this issue. I am a 57-year old "boy" who used to wonder free on my granddad's farm in the Columbia River Basin, no papers, no I.D., just a .22 rifle. I now live in AZ and, on occasional weekends, wonder free in the AZ wilderness with just a backpack, compass and no papers. The police state can stick their papers, their national I.D.s, their surveillance, their face recognition, etc. They want us to be fearful so they can "protect" us. I can protect myself whole lots better than they can.

A former WA county prosecuting attorney

Subject:  JUST WRONG!

As a Veteran and Senior NCO with over 21 years of exemplary service to this nation, I must shake my head in disbelief over this video. I have seen military members act more judiciously in far more serious events than these three officers exercised on that afternoon. If you cannot respond with a modicum of restraint during a dangerous or adverse event, its time to move on to another line of work.

Our laws are not for individual interpretation!

-MSgt "G" in MN

Subject:  kick ass Dudley.

As a former resident of Humboldt, I can add testimony that the police there must be smoking that weed they impound, because they act like they are on an island all of their own ruling.

This incident makes me ill. The first thing the officer should have done was to ask if everything was ok - at no time did I hear him even inquire as to what was transpiring. Just kept demanding ID, like a broken record. I can imagine is training flowchart.1. Ask for ID. If yes, ask question #2 if no, repeat question #1.

Watching the events unfold, it's as if the Police had concluded that the passerby had determined exactly what had taken place, and the officer had decided a guilty verdict before his engine was turned off.

Go get 'em Dudley - this crap cannot be tolerated.



Subject:  "Timid men prefer the calm of despotism ..."

Dear Mr. Hiibel,

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."
  - Thomas Jefferson

Give 'em hell.

Best regards,

Subject:  Best Wishes from Australia

If citizens in the U.S.A. lose basic freedoms protected by your Bill of Rights, the rest of the world is in BIGGER trouble.


Subject:  Another Option...

My father always taught me the best defense is a good offense. No, I'm not suggesting anything violent. I'm merely suggesting that officer Dove should be looking for a job outside of law enforcement - suggesting a letter campaign is in order to get him fired. A message should be sent to our public servants whom we have authorized with the dangerous monopoly to wield force in each person's behalf. What better way to send a message than through the pocketbook?

Best Regards,

Subject:  You're on the front line

Mr. Hiibel,

My hat is off to you for standing up for your - for our - rights. Your case before the Supreme Court will send ripples through the entire country. I pray that they will be positive.

Don't let the bastards get you down.

Jackson, Michigan

Subject:  BEEN THERE!


former Nevada resident

Subject:  The military way

Short of declaring Martial Law, our government has been quietly engaged in extending the perimeter fences of military installations around the civilian population centers--and now, apparently, around the rural population centers. If you've ever seen the moronic zealotry of military police in a situation requiring actual knowledge of civil procedures, you will have surmised that they are a comical assemblage of incompetent, yet self-assured and authoritarian figures.

It is no surprise to me that many ex-military security personnel are now police recruits, or that they still retain the attitudes which reveal an innate ability to over-emphasize their authority, and foment dissent. I am quite sure the government intentionally selects these people for this type of work. I'm also quite sure the government's need for a military-style police presence in the civilian sector is not in our best interests.

Good luck!

Subject:  Long Live Freedom

Learning of men like you still give me some hope. I fear greatly where this country is going. We have forgotten so much. Power always wants more power and always leads to abuse. Thank God for you and yourn.

Molon Labe

Subject:  your assault by police

Mr. Hiibel,

Any American worthy of his heritage would do exactly as you did except with a lot more contempt.

Steve Butler
Phoenix, Arizona

Subject:  standing up for liberty

if brave americans like mr hilbel don't stand up for liberty, then pretty soon you will hear the thud of the jackboot at night and cattle trucks packed with citizens heading to the internment camps already being prepared by the junta in washington: beware the patriot acts and the countless day-by-day erosions of freedom. take back your country americans. stick it to 'em dudley. god be with you,


Subject:  fascism

Dear Dudley:

All the best to you. God, we need a few million more "cowboys" like you!

God bless you and your fight.


Subject:  it is fitting that a Cowboy should stand up for what is right

I have seen what happened here and am not surprised (I wish I was). I commend you on standing up to tyranny and the heavy handed methods that far too many "peace" officers use.. I support you and wish you the best. Everyone can have an argument with his daughter at times. You are showing her your true colors now and she will appreciate it in the now and in the future (as we all do and will). Thank you and God Bless America.


Subject:  Good luck

Dear Dudley,

Keep fighting for your rights (and everyone else's). I wish you the best.

Ph.D., Philosophy

Subject:  Investigating An Investigation?

I guess I've always had a problem with authority figures. Even as a child I didn't like "Because I said so" as a reason for anything. I respect police in general, but it does seem like there are some who are in the business for all the wrong reasons. This seems to be more true now than in the past. It's also true of other occupations such as lawyer, doctor, politician, etc.

As shabby as your treatment was at the hands of the police, at least they were mostly polite as they trampled your Constitutional rights. I've had about five occasions to deal with the police, minor traffic incidents, and I was cooperative in every way (producing my papers when asked), yet they were surly, sarcastic and even abusive on two occasions. I'd say 40% is not very good odds. On those two occasions I felt that the police enjoyed forcing me to do as they said, and were doing everything they could to arrest me for no apparent reason. One was a bogus DUI (I don't drink or do any drugs). And by the way, who can count backwards from W to M, skipping every other letter? Maybe the habitual drunk drivers who've practiced it. It's even more fun to try to do when there are six armed police officers running around shining lights in your eyes and looking inside your vehicle for anything that might be considered "probable cause". I wish they'd asked me to juggle while hopping on one foot. I could DO that.

I like the video cameras in the police cars. They're a good way to keep the police honest and prevent abuse. The tapes should be public property for all to see. For my next police encounter, I'll make certain to stand directly in front of the police car and speak clearly to create an obvious record of the conversation, if at all possible.

On the positive side, you could be a 14 year old boy in LA, hands cuffed behind your back, while four burly police officers bang your head on the trunk of a police cruiser and sucker punch you in the jaw from behind. I heard where the charges against those police officers were dismissed a week or two ago. Is that what they mean by, "To protect and serve"?

I wish you the best of luck in your fight against injustice. More people need to stand up on their hind legs and demand the liberty that the founders of this country died to secure for us, instead of being the consumer sheep we're being programmed to be. Freedom will never be free. It must be earned. And we must always be vigilant to ensure that we keep it.

Subject:  Thank you

Thank you for protecting all of our Freedoms. I pledge my life, liberty, property and Sacred Honor to restore Our Constitutional Republic.

Mt Vernon, Oregon.

Subject:  The Constitution and the Amendments No Longer Rule

As you're already well aware, government routinely violates the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 14th amendments on a regular basis.

As of late, the Governor of Rhode Island has proposed making open dissent and discussion of overthrow of the government a criminal felony punishable by ten years in prison. The main issue I have with that is that it violates both the 1st and 2nd amendments.

This nation is indeed on a scary course until right minded people take it back using first their 1st amendment rights, and if necessary their 2nd amendment rights where 1st amendment tactics fall on deaf ears.

People like Deputy Dove show that allowing the local bullies to become law enforcment officers is the most brain dead thing we can do.

Keep up the fight and I sincerely hope the USSC sees fit to give Deputy Dumb, oops, Dove a throrough drubbing.

Providence, RI

Subject:  Good Luck

Thank you Dudley for taking this all the way to The Supreme Court. A lot of people would have turned the other cheek and given up, but if we don't fight for the Constitution that we believe in, then we might as well not have one.



Subject:  Thanks for taking a stand.

Thank you for taking a stand. I beleive that this is a great country and that more people need to take a stand for what is right. This is how our country was founded and the way that is has stayed strong. If we fold now we have done a great diservice to our founding fathers and all that have given there lives to keep us free. Good luck to you and your family.

Sincerely yours from the heartland, Ks.

Subject:  Keep up the Fight!

Dear Dudley,

Goodness, what is this country coming to? I hope you are suing the officer involved & his peers for wrongful arrest. If you need any help, let me know.



Subject:  Checking in!

Hi Mr. Dudley,

I heard about this several months ago and immediately wrote a Letter to your Editor entitled 'Paper's Please' and referred to the movie Hunt for Red October.

I also emailed ever city and county Official. I even recieved a call from some city law enforcement that supports you 100%. I also offered to build a website then, either way I am glad you have one up.

I referred the Officer to some groups on line that could offer support and spread the word. I am glad the internet is now being use to utilize your cause.

Don't ever give up, set a precedent on American Constitutional freedoms! And I hope Mimi is now doing OK.

Much Love,
Fallon, Nevada

Subject:  badass

hey dudley,

i'm so glad to hear your story this morning. a change in rights takes two parts. it takes agression on one side and lack of resistance on the other. i am glad to see you resist what could soon become a massive erosion of rights. more need to follow your lead. i certainly will. take care brother.


Subject:  Best of Luck

Best of luck with your case Mr Hiibel, it's important to all of us. The police behavior presented in the video is reprehensible, and I hope your daughter was able to charge the officers with unlawful arrest. I'll have to consider not carrying personal identification in the future.


Subject:  Misconstruction of Terry v Ohio...

Mr. Hiibel,

First, let me say that your situation is terrible, and that Officer Dove did at least violate your Fourth Amendment right. I have been doing some work with Terry v Ohio, the case that developed the test for Terry stop cases. The Supreme Court in that case sets out a two-part test for examining these kinds of investigatory stops. The test is simple, the stop has to be valid and the questioning or search is reasonably related to the scope of the stop. It seems like in your case the stop was valid but the search wasn't reasonably related. In Florida v Bostick, though, the Court held that questioning is not a search subject to Fourth Amendment questioning. Subsequent case law has shown the right of the individual to avoid answering these questions. Second, I hope the Court finds in your favor, I think that for it to do otherwise would be a debasement of public policy. You have a strong case for the misconduct of Officer Dove, but the case turns on the factual determination of the right of an officer to request identification. This should be an interesting outcome.

Good Luck.


Subject:  Fight the Power, Brother Hiibel

"You're enemy is not the one surrounding your country, your enemy is the one running your country." Sound familiar? Hope this case is decided justly, for the sake of all Americans. Good luck.


Subject:  Watching this from Canada...

From outside the USA it has been apparent that the rights and freedoms of American citizens have been declining for over a decade, and startlingly quickly since the 9/11 terrorist incident. While many global citizens dislike the American government for its actions outside its borders, most would agree that the original, lofty goals of the founding fathers are inspiring and worth pursuing.

It is truly a crying shame that those ideals are so quickly being destroyed. America is losing its greatest asset and greatest gift to the world. It is only when people like Dudley stand up for their Constitutional rights that the slide toward police-state brutality is stopped!

Fight the good fight. You have support even outside your country!

Subject:  You are doing the right thing

Don't back down. The vast majority of American people are behind you.


Subject:  Fight the good Fight!!!

As a Patriot a Veteran and Law Abiding Citizen I commend you for Your Believe and Persistence Dudley", and can only say this" Stay with the War of Attrition as they will try to wear you down We should be a shame of how this country is turning out" But let us remember how it began, 4 years ago who would have thought terrorist would have struck in our back yard Shame on you Naive Americans and do not be surprised when those of us who see the truth and are tired of the regime there taxation and ill thought for their own citizen's to pursue their own needs and desires as pompous politicians!!! Remember the shot heard round the world and tyranny can once again be crushed by the gun wielding colonist!

Dudley Fight the Powers that Be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Subject:  excellent effort

Dear Mr. Hiibel,

After viewing the video I can safely say you were both obnoxious and a tad obtuse towards the officer. Yet we must hold our police to a higher standard, and simply being uncooperative is no crime, yet. It is a sad state of affairs we have gotten ourselves into by giving so much power and not policing those in power. I have actually talked to an ex-MP (wannabe police officer) who stated once that if he stops you he has enough probably cause, even if he has to invent it. His whim is enough. Sad state indeed.

Keep in the fight and good luck.


Subject:  Were losing our power

We the people are lose a little bit of freedom every single day. I hate to admit this, but I would bet you lose your case. I don't have any backing to that statement other than the fact that the government is a lot stronger than some cowboy with a pickup and a video of a cop doing a bad job. God bless you and your attorneys. I hope you can prove me wrong!


Subject:  Best of luck!

Yours is a good fight and I hope you (we) prevail.

This nation is turning into a police state and a just decision in your case could well be a landmark and turning point in a return to our Constitutional principles.

I wish you the best of luck!

Elmhurst, Illinois

Subject:  Congratulations!

Finally, an average American who actually cares enough about our Constitution enough to stand up for it! I am keeping my fingers crossed that the Supreme Court agrees that citizens are not required to hand over their documents on demand. How your trial judge screwed this one up, I don't know. Maybe he should re-read that part about unreasonable search and seizure?

God bless you folks!

Boston, Massachusetts

Subject:  good luck to you sir,

i applaud you for standing up to an intolerant and heavyhanded police force more citizens should do as you have and put it in their face!


Subject:  More important than you imagine.

Dear Dudley,

This case is crucially important to the rights of American citizens. If Mr. Hiibel loses this case in the Supreme Court, it means that any policeman can ask for your ID, which will eventually mean that he can demand that you put your thumb into a portable fingerprint reader - on a whim. If he wins the case, the police will not be able to ask to see your ID, and the deployment of the national biometric ID system will be at the very least, delayed at best it will be destroyed completely before it starts.

I applaud Mr. Hiibel for understanding his rights, and being willing to fight this all the way to the Supreme Court. It is single men like him who can change a whole country. Clarence Willcock single handedly dismantled the cumpulsory ID card system in the UK, by refusing to present his card to a policeman.  Mr. Hiibel's case is different only in that he will be preventing the introduction of a cumpulsory card; no government will bring one in if the police are forbidden to demand that you present it.

I hope he wins, because this will be a win for the entire Amercan public, and it will also be a clear sign to all other countries in the world that claim they are free democracies; ID cards violate your rights. They are bad for democracy, and should be shunned.


Subject:  Finally someone that is willing to take a stand

Go get them. Unless people wake up soon, we will be expected to write a report on our activities at the end of the day for submission to the nearest authority. And that is not the America that I was told I was fighting for during the Cold War.

You are a real hero.

Name withheld from Ashcroft.

Subject:  Thanks Dudley

Dudley - Good luck in your case and thanks for taking a stand for all of us.


Subject:  Thank you


I just wanted to say thank you for standing up for your rights and fighting for all of ours in the process.You are a true american in my eyes and i think your doing a great thing for your fellow countrymen.I sincerely hope that things turn out right for you.Its so important for people to stand up for their rights now more than ever in these darkening days where our government seems to be tossing away our freedoms as fast as they are our jobs.Best wishes.

Thanks again,


Subject:  Papers Please

Mr. Hiibel,

As a victim of a similar 'failure to produce identification' case several years back, I will be following your story with great interest. I am ecstatic to see someone come forth and challenge this to the degree that you are doing. You have my complete support. Best of luck Sir.

San Diego, CA

Subject:  Thank You

Mr. Hiibel,

Thank you for reminding us what the USA was all about in the first place.

New York

Subject:  Keep up the fight

Everyday I read about more abuses of power by our government. I served in the USAF for six years, and these days I run a gamut of emotions over that service, from pride to regret, sometimes I wonder if it was right to serve a government that tramples on its people and ignores the values that made it great. 9/11 was a rallying cry for much of the nation, but many of us were patriotic long before that - and were willing to pay with our lives for the freedoms we used to enjoy.

Ben Franklin's words ring truer now that ever before; "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." Seeing abuses like this become common place tarnishes every patriot that ever defended this great nation, and I am glad to see that you are defending those basic rights that in the past made us the greatest nation on the planet - now, I have to question that status, but if you and other citizens demand our basic rights, we once again will stand where we belong.


Subject:  Thank you

I am always happy when people support our basic liberties in conversation, but it often takes much more courage to protect them in action when others are actually trying to prevent one from exercising one's liberties. Thanks for having that courage, and thanks for having the conviction to stick with the case. I hope the Supreme Court doesn't screw this one up, but the McCain-Feingold decision has left me doubtful of their commitment to the Bill of Rights.

Palo Alto, CA

Subject:  Inspiration

Even before I read this I had committed myself to running for sheriff this fall, and now after having read it, I am even more resolute. However, unlike my predecessors, I will stand to guard against abuses by the government. Truthfully, I am scared for the fight I feel I must undertake, but I feel compelled to run. During the times when my sanity is questioned, I'll merely stop to remember you and your case, and I'm sure from that I will garner the required strength.

Subject:  My support

I wish you good Luck and hope this helps everyone else after! Let us know if you need anything to pull through!



Subject:  Mr. Hiibel.

Sir, I spent a part of my military service fighting in Viet Nam in 1969-70 because my country said it needed me to do that.

A part of what I was fighting for was to protect your rights (and mine, and all of us).

As a veteran, one who chose to put his life on the line for a belief in our country and what it stands for, I sincerely hope that the United States Supreme Court decides this case completely in your favor.

Hang in there.


Subject:  Thank You

Mr. Hiibel,

If there is a place to donate to your legal defense, please post the link on your website. You're fighting for my rights as well as your own. Thank you, sir. You are a good man.

Boise, ID

Subject:  You've got gumption!

Dudley, you've got gumption Bucko! I like that in my neighbors; too bad most of mine don't have much to speak of...

It's a damn shame there ain't more men like yourself to stand up to what's right. You are of the few sovereigns and willing to dig in and stick up for your God given, unalienable rights. Heck, you're making history taking this all the way to Supreme Court. If you don't win this then we are a'slidin' down the slippery slope even faster into the maw that would crush liberty. I fear for our future.

Keep your dander up and fight, a lot could depend on this!


Subject:  papersplease


Good for you. It's refreshing to see a man stand up for what is right.

You have done nothing wrong. This is not a country where carrying "papers" is a requirement to be out in public.

The policemen that tackled your daughter are the typical type of men that got their butts kicked in grade school which are now trying to yield the power of the law to make up for their natural shortcomings.

Perhaps the local sheriff should seek to send their officers to anger management classes.

Don't ever forget that America is free. Nobody can take that away from you with or without a badge.

It's a shame to see the standards for law enforcement employment in Nevada so low.


Subject:  Best wishes...


As I finished watching the video, I said to myself "what a bunch of shit..." - those cops were 100% wrong in their actions. Unless they have probable cause, they have no right to ask you for an ID of any sort. If the cop had come up and said "Hey there, I'm investigating a domestic, and a caller said you were involved and Mimi came out and said "yeah he whacked me"" then I might have thought differently...

But this cop comming up and saying "give me an ID" w/o any explaination other than his half-assed doubletalk "I'm investigating an investigation" doesn't warrant giving him the time of day. I'd have told him to go away and leave me alone too...

All I can say is give 'em hell Dudley! It's about damn time someone stood up for what's right and supposed to be in this country...

Thanks for YOUR efforts on OUR behalf!

DG (way out here in Illinois...)

Subject:  Thank you, from the common man


The governing rules of our country are supposed to be put in check and clarified by the supreme court. Most of us never make it that far because we're scared. We're scared to be detained, we're scared to be inconvienienced, we're scared to dissent to the executors of law. I wish I had the courage and common sense you displayed on that day to say "what have I done?" before handing over your identification. I wouldn't. I also wish I could have the conviction you have to continue the fight when it would be much easier to give up and pay the fine. I doubt I would have persued this incident. I, like most other people, would have viewed the system as the golliath that can't be overcome.

You, sir, have my support in March and my hopes for more people to act as you have. No matter the incident preceeding your stop, nor the actions after the video ends are of consequence. If you were not driving then I see no reason for you to require identification. Identifying you helped no one in this matter. Signs of abuse were not checked and the officer never "restrained custody for his own safety". This looks like a classic case of "contempt of cop" where officers get upset when they are denied, whether just or unjust.

I wish you all the best. In these uncertain times I have little hope that our country will give people the liberties we were promised centuries ago. Your fight against this is a litmus test to our governing powers and their reach into our pockets, our homes and our personal effects.

Thanks again,

Subject:  Good to see someone interested in defending the rights of the people.

I'm not an American, but someone from the UK that has watched your democracy being steadily eroded in the name of 'security' to the extent where the constitution is being walked over. Freedom is more than just safety, and I'm glad that you have enough evidence to take this to supreme court. I wish you the best of luck, as I'm not sure that a sane argument can win through in these darker times.


Subject:  A Proud American

It makes me proud that there are still People in this country that stand up for the principles set out in our constitution.

Good Job and good Luck with the case!


Subject:  What do you think?


First, I want to say that I think it is appalling what has been done to you. I applaud you for taking this all the way to the Supreme Court. Too often, as Americans, we pass things off as too much trouble. "Why not pay the $250 fine and be done with it?" is what most people would say. You stand above the rest for seeing that your Constitutional rights have been violated, and doing something about it.

Second, I hope for all our sakes that you win. A loss in your case will push us one more step on the road to a police state. We are already dangerously far down that path with the Patriot Act, Guantanamo Bay, and the legislation that limits a judge's discretion in sentencing. People in the US don't think that something like what happened in Nazi Germany can happen here, but I disagree. It might take longer, but it could happen nonetheless. Each erosion of our personal freedoms takes us one step closer to a police state. I have adopted a quote from your web site as my personal e-mail signature:

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety
deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was a wise man and his words should be heeded lest we find ourselves waking up one day to an American police state.

I would wish you good luck on your case, but luck should not be involved. I'll just say I am sending positive energy in your direction.

Best Wishes,
Atkinson, NH

Subject:  Amendments no more!

Go Dudley,

So much for illegal search and seizure, huh? After being stopped for having a clear license plate cover on my truck that "blocked the license plate," a police officer assumed I was a risk and decided to search my truck, asking my wife to uncover my 1 month old son (who was sleeping in his car seat). That was of course, until the police officer's partner had time to run my tag and drivers license; finding out I worked for a prominent national security company. Seemed to change their mind about me and I went from "punk" to "sir."

The constitution is not a living document! Let's not change the rules in the middle of the game!

A Fellow American
Marietta, GA

Subject:  Bullies!

One of the earlier letters said it best: Allowing the local bullies to become police officers is simply BRAIN DEAD!

Bullies and toughs are the scourge of law enforcement, locally, state-wide and nationally (FBI, ATF, DEA, etc.).


Subject:  Boy am I glad I live in Canada.

Gotta admit, you were being a bit of a twit, but then why was that cop pulling over and demanding your ID. That cop really thought he was "somebody". Investigating an investigation. What a crock!


Subject:  Congratulations

Dear Mr. Dudley,

Congratulations and thanks for standing up to our traditional rights.

You might like to check on my website: I have fought a few ID battles, including recently (first item on the homepage) with the airlines in Canada.


Subject:  Good luck

Certian people will always over step the bounds of their power and it is very important that we stand up for our rights. If we don't then one day very soon we may have no rights left. I wish you the best of luck.

Vero Beach, FL

Subject:  Get rid of the officers.

Assuming you win at the Supreme Court, I hope you go back afterwards and sue Humboldt County and the State of Nevada for false arrest and imprisonment, on both your behalf and your daughter's.

Demand a lot of money, but then settle for what you really want: the dismissal of the police officers involved in the case. As part of the settlement, require that neither man can be employed at any level of the government, or in any level of law enforcement, for the rest of their lives. (They can just move out of Nevada, of course, but at least then it won't be your problem.)


Subject:  Ornery, for the good of America

Dear "",

From the sound of things, I bet Dudley is an ornery, stubborn old cowboy. I'll bet plenty of people dislike him, and I'd wager he had a reputation for being who he is. But I know *I* would have caved in to the officer's brash, power-abusing demands in about two seconds. I would have started stuttering, apologized to the officer (for doing nothing), and generally collapsed in nervousness. I'm extremely grateful we have people like Dudley that can take a stand, so non-confrontational, self-effacing nerds like myself can live in a free country. Dudley and Mimi were abused and disrespected... and I really hope some good comes out of their ordeal. Good luck with the case.


Subject:  site response


I sympathize with your situation and commend you on taking the time and effort to fight when many Americans are so willing to remain apathetic while their freedoms erode.

I've had my run-ins with the law and fought those I thought unjust, only to have the officers lie on the stand and the judge ignore my objections. I won't bore you with the details.

Coincidentally, I was recenlty reading Robert Anton Wilson's "TSOG The Thing That Ate The Constitution," and much of what he said has relevance to your case. The book discusses the use of non-Constitutionally sanctioned powers to tyranize the citizens and gives many examples of such occurances in recent times.
Between the "war on drugs" and P.A.T.R.I.O.T. I and II, I'm wondering when the government, in the name of "national security," will get around to drafting the third installment, ridding us of any remaining dangerous civil liberties. How long before retinal scans, fingerprint readers and the like become mandatory for driver's licenses, travel or admittance to school? I'd really like my children to enjoy a free America. The actions of he citizens like yourself are a crucial part of ensuring that future.

Best of luck to you,

Subject:  Thanks for being a good example

I've had my share of getting bullied by the police and I believe that it's not just your right but your responsibility to stand up to this type of treatment. If everyone asserts their rights, police get a clear message: do not commit illegal acts in the name of the law. They're here for our protection, not to satisfy their own egos. Unfortunately, the majority seems willing to capitulate in situations like yours. Perhaps with your example, some will think instead of act out of habit the next time it happens to them. Keep up the good work !

Subject:  I hope when you are all done you sue the bastards

Subject:  Good luck

Dear Mr Hiibel,

your story confirms our opinion of old Europeans that the USA are actually governed by a sort of "fascist" regime, similar to the ones that we have tragically experienced in the past: in fact, accidents like the one occurred to you and your daughter happened here in Italy during Mussolini's days too. And we had to fight a bloody civil war to obtain our freedom back... It seems that the "Land of freedom" isn't free anymore. I'm sure that George Washington, if still alive, couldn't stand this situation. Remember this fact to the Court and to the Department of Justice and fight for your rights.

Best wishes,

FB and family

Subject:  Thanks!

Thank you for standing up for one of our most basic rights - the right to be
left alone!

BD, California

Subject:  from calif law student


The type of activity you experienced by police makes my blood boil more than you could possibly imagine! Unfortunately many, far too many "Americans" (I sue this term far too loosely) haven't the courage that you and the few have.

Anyway, I came across something that was very similar to your case this is worth your time to examine.

First, here's the story:

In Kingwood Texas, a black man leaves his home about 11pm to go for an evening jog. Wearing a jogging suit he is on his way home about a mile to go. Well, he finds himself in the headlights of a police car with it's emergency lights flashing. The officer gets out of the car and tells this black man "hey, come over here, I want to talk to you" the man responds, "No, I dont want to talk to you" and continued to jog away. There are more details here, but none every important. Well, you have probably guessed by now that backup is called and the man arrested. When asked for his name this man thells the officers "it is none of your business". Well, later they discovered his name, Jimmie L. Benton.

My friend, If you are interested in seeing how a federal judge handles oppressors and abusers of authority, check out Mr. Bentons lawsuit against these tyrants, because after all, Mr. Jimmie L. Benton IS a federal judge!

Keep the Courage!!

Subject:  Thank you

Dear Mr. Hiibel,

It would have been so easy to just back down and let it go. I'm proud that there are Americans such as you and your daughter, who are willing to say "no" to the police when they step over the line, and willing to endure the stress and aggravation of arrest and multiple court appearances, in order to defend the rights of all of us. I commend you.

Also, the fact that the police have chosen to fight this case indicates to me that law enforcement in your area is in need of serious reform. However, it may not be such an isolated case. I wonder how many other people across the country have submitted to police civil rights violations, rather than risk arrest. Our civil rights exist only so long as we are willing to defend them.

Orange County, California

Subject:  Real American

What does it take to be Real American? A couple of Hundred yers ago a few folks had an idea as to what it means to be a Real American. So they laid their lives on the line and stood up to the big bully. Dudley you are a Real American and I'd be proud to know you!


Subject:  I just wanna say...

From Louisiana to Nevada and see to shining sea... Rock on man!


Subject:  Stop the Gestapo Storm Troopers

my ticket was for speeding 7 miles over the speed limit

i applaud you for your efforts to correct this corrupt situation that unfortunatly alot of small and middle sized communities have found themselves a victim of.

go get em!

Subject:  This country is a shame

First off i would like to salute you Dudley for sir you are a true american, america was based on rights and the ability to follow and abide by them. Those who choose to break these laws are criminals but knowing your rights is NOT a crime. The day the law is up to the disgression of a peace keeper is the day america is no longer a free country as it is now, its disgusting that officer Dove thought he not only had the "right" to arrest you but to also assulat your daughter in a totally unreasonable and unessicary mannor. I will be following your case and any cases of this nature and do wish you the best of luck in your journeys. Im glad there is someone in this law abusing "peace" kepper ridden country that will refuse to be ground down.

San Antonio , Tx

Subject:  thank you!

People like you are going to save our country. Thank you for fighting for our rights. I'm a few years older than your daughter and I would be so proud to have a father like you.

Best regards,

Subject:  Good job Dudley!

After spending nearly a year in Iraq and seeing such abuse of power by our public servants (Dudley's case, the officers killing the family dog during a traffic stop because someone 'thought a robery had occured' last year, and many others), I am glad to see someone with the balls to stand up for what is right! Too many Americans are gutless cowards that would not fight for what freedoms they have left.  Then you have the power hungry coward hiding behind their badge more than willing to destroy the life of another simply to protect their career.

Give them hell and good luck!

A Chief Warrant Officer
101st AVN REGT
FT Campbell, KY

Subject:  saving the constitution

sir, i certainly hope for all our sakes that you prevail in this case.

peace, annette

Subject:  the right thing

During these days of the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. act, thank you for standing up for your rights.  If you loose, the terrorists really have won.

JL in SLC.

Subject:  I hope you are ok.

Mr. Hiibel,

You're a very brave man.  I hope that you and your daughter Mimi are both going to be all right after your ordeal.  I have a daughter a little older than Mimi and I know that she would have been traumatized if some guy in a uniform threw her on the ground and sat on her, no matter what the reason.

My name is Mimi too, so I guess I feel a little close to the situation.  God bless you both and never change.

Best wishes,

Subject:  Good Luck

Mr. Hiibel,

I'm disgusted that this happened in the first place, but I'm even more upset that Humboldt County is being this stubborn about it.

I lost my faith in the aptitude of the majority of peace officers long ago.  I understand that people make mistakes, and those bad mistakes can adversley affect others, but our society has become one that will not accept responsibility for it's actions, as is the case with Deputy Dove, and the Humboldt County Sheriff's Department.

I wish the best for you and your family, and will be monitoring this case.

Good luck, my friend.

- --
Front Royal, VA

Subject:  Stick it to them

I am so proud that a fellow American has the nuts to stand up to the tyranny that we are being forced to endure in the name of Freedom.


Seattle, WA

Subject:  The Fight for Sovereignty

Nothing new to add except my personal support and good wishes.

Best of luck Mr. Hiibel, and I am sorry that you have to be fighting this battle.  For your own sake as well as the rest of us who truly appreciate the sovereign rights of the individual and the tyranny of the state I hope this goes well in court.


Subject:  Way to go...

Please keep your spirits up and your lawyers at the ready.  I am appalled at your experience (and especially that which your daughter was forced to endure) and hope that the officer is question is released from his office forever.  I think we all know there are good cops and bad ones - I am sorry you came across the latter.  You are a rare American, Sir, and I am pleased your daughter is being shown the very definition of that honorific.  Thank you!


Subject: Very Important Case

I have been working in the Department of Justice and/or the Data Security fields for many years and I appalled by the way this incidnet was handled by the officers.  I just heard about your case today and I am shocked by the officer and how your incident was handled.  Nobody should be treated that way.  I support you and your daugther on this case and I hope that you win for all of our sakes.


Subject:  Papers Please


I certainly think you're doing the right thing.  I've watched the video and decided for myself that what they did you to, and especially you're daughter was outrageous.  You have the chance to do what a lot of citizens can't do in a scenario such as this.  You have a video that has been released to the public of the entire situation.  This is your big chance.

Cortland, OH

Subject:  linked to on

Mr Hiibel,

I watched the video and read your case, very
It's frightening to think that sometimes that piece of
paper is all we have to protect us against tyranny.

Best of luck, you'll have what should be all Americans rooting for

Boston, MA

Dear Mr. Hiibel,

Good luck with your case, I hope you make the Land of the Free really mean something for once.  I think it is a travesty this type of intimidation goes on in America.  Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Communist China, Baathis, Iraq?  Sure, but not here in the states.  It is about time Americans started fighting back against Government Paranoia.

Best Wishes to you, a true American Patriot,

Bolling AFB, DC

Subject: Keep up the good fight.

Mr. Hiibel, I applaud you in your efforts.  In these times of the stripping of all of our rights to privacy, your case is a very pertinent effort to stem the tide.  I wish you all success.  My fear is that a Supreme court that can throw out all fair decision making and give the presidency to a man who didn't win, may pay no attention to the bill of rights or the constitution in your case either.  It is a sad commentary when we can't stand by the side of the road, talking with family, in our supposedly free country, with out fear of being harassed.

Good luck in your efforts,
Brainerd, MN

Subject: Axis of evil

Apparently the axis of evil is closer than people imagine.  Apparently both in Nevada and in Washington DC.

Good luck.

HL, esq.

Subject: right on!

I'm glad you're taking this all the way, but a bit worried that our current regime isn't going to make the most fortuitous decision.  Stick it to them, Dudley.

MIS Technician

Subject: Best of luck

Mr. Hiibel,

I am sure you have received many encouraging e-mail messages, but I just wanted to wish you the best of luck.  I hope the Supreme Court sees it your way.

Kind regards,
3rd Year Law Student

Subject: congrats!

Go for it! I was in a similar situation with the Oakland police here in California as well.

I'm so happy for you and glad to see that something like this is getting taken to the Supreme Court.


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