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Subject:  good luck tomorrow!

Mr. Hiibel,

I write this e-mail to thank you for the time, effort, and $ you have invested regarding this issue. I am grateful sir! Additionally, I see on my calendar tomorrow is d-day, I wish you large amounts luck and will be following the case with much concern. Thanks again Mr. Hiibel.

Dudley's Doin' Right!

Subject:  Hoping for Success

Hello Dudley -

I am a retired police inspector in England. I read the article about your case in The Times newspaper.

During my 30 years police service , I stopped and checked over many road users. Under our road traffic laws, drivers were required to produce their driving licence and insurance. If they did not have them with them, they were given a ticket to produce them within five days at any police station.

I appreciate the Law is administered differently to the U.S.

However, in your case, it appears that whatever is the outcome on appeal, the Police Officer appears to have acted in an intransigent manner. Things are not always black and white - there are grey areas. Had more common sense been displayed on his part, the matter could well have been more amicably resolved at the roadside. Indeed if any of my patrols "used such a hammer to crack a nut", I would have been questioning their judgement. They say "The Law is an Ass" and in your case it certainly seems so.

Very best wishes in your future Court Proceedings. You have a ranch to run and I would hope that you eventually receive not only an apology but adequate compensation for the time and cost you have been put through.

Regards - BT

Subject:  i live in nevada..

yes, Nevada is indeed a police state..

case in fact:

i drive a junker and have long hair..
i live in Incline Village, Nevada, you know where the rich and wealthy play....

when driving one day, i supposedly turned wrong into the street..
was pulled over by not one cop car, but 2 cop cars..
i was then asked to provide my ID, which i did..
after checking me out, my passenger was asked for ID, this person was not driving, did nothing wrong.. but still was asked a barrage of questions..
after running our names to see if we where BAD PEOPLE..
we where told to be on our way, without any further reference to the way i turned into the street..

as the cop was walking away, i ask: "if i was driving a Lexis and was clean cut looking, you never would have pulled me over, right?"

his response: "ya, your probably right"

so Dudley, i hope you get this taken care of and put the police state of Nevada on warning!!
good luck buddy!!

HW / American Citizen and Vietnam Era Veteran

Subject:  Ride em cowboy

Dudley, I hope you win this case. However, because of the conservative leanings of the Supreme Court under Cheif Justice William Rehnquist, I feel you'll be gunned down like one of the dudes from Clint Eastwoods Hang em High movie.

Good Luck.,


Subject:  Police Power

Mr. Hiibel, the policemen had no business putting their hands on you. This is assault. And when they handcuffed your 17 year old daughter, this deserves a prison term. Good luck on your appeal to the supreme court.

Tampa, Fl.

Subject:  American Dream

The American Dream has awoke to the nightmare of its own reality. My hopes and prayers are with Dudley and our floundering constitution that is being drawn and quartered by those who believe that there is too much freedom in America.

It is not an egalitarian society that is being built but one of Empirical dominion over those who are the real patriots and backbone of this great nation; the people who are hearing and seeing and not pretending this kind of thing only happens to "bad" people.

Soon, anyone who thinks for themselves will be labled dangerous and "un-American".

Hmmm... think about it... bow to the state or be arrested.


Subject:  Arrest

I am with you 100%. Our civil rights are quickly being eroded by laws such as the one you were arrested for.

For the record, I am 57 years old, a retired teacher of 30 years and never arrested. Congratulations for having the balls to stand up for what you believe.


Subject:  El Fascista!


Its so shameful, it almost funny, in a cosmic sort of way. That deputy sort of reminded me of a teenage safety patrol, with his first taste of authority... and, as such, failing miserably in judging between sense of responsibility and authority. Best of luck - the moment of truth for our Constitution is nigh... I hope in the fight between Fascism and Liberty, Liberty wins.


Subject:  Support from GB

As a member of the Hibell family in England I fully support your stand. Good luck on the 22nd.


Subject:  FREEDOM-----


WAY TO GO-----------



Subject:  Good luck on your case...

Mr. Hiibel,

Having grown up in a house run by an ex-Marine, I know stubborn when I see it - and you are one stubborn guy. This country needs more stubborn people like you who will stand their ground against authorities who have forgotten that this is a country by and for the people, not by and for the police. Good luck, and I hope you win your case.

New York, New York

Subject:  Appalled

As a citizen and veteran, I am dumbfounded by the attitude displayed by several law enforcement and government government agencies. I know that this is a generalization but there is definitely a climate of restricting individual's rights in today's society. I went to war in Iraq as a symbol of America's desire to preserve freedom and individual rights. Good luck with your case. I am sorry that it had to come to this.


Subject:  "Good luck" from POLAND

Dear Sir,

I am a Polish lawyer, involved in a number of Human Rights Cases.

After having reviewed all the documents Your attorneys have submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court and the recording of Your arrest, I must say that this case is indeed an uphill battle.

However, I hope that Your case will contribute to the development of human rights, and particularly, the right to privacy, not only in US but in all civilized countries.

Fighting the war against the terror may not be an excuse for abusing inherent rights of the citizens.

I wish You all the best and Good Luck,

Warsaw, POLAND

Subject:  freedom

thanks to you we will soon find out if we are really free. god bless you.

-dan from Fla.

Subject:  Privacy fight for it or lose it for all

I am a native of Nevada, born and raised in Reno, Nevada. I am well familiar with not only the out laying areas such as where your located, but also the plight of the working ranchers, cowboys, etc, I also feel that your actions, your questions and most of all your respect to the police officer was excellent. Your right, we do not live in a communist county (yet) but it people, don't challenge the legal system out on the street beats, then we will be in a controlled, regulated, intimidating atmosphere. I am glad you decided to question the men in blue!!!! I do not condone disrespect to our police force, but also, feel they have an obligation to also respect us.

I support your particular actions and cause, and hope to hear from you. Keep me posted if you so desire on how things area going. You will have a rough ride, as law enforcement does like to be challenged. In the end the truth will set you free, and also encourage others, who feel they are within their rights, to start taking the same action as you have.


Subject:  Retired Military Officer

Those policeman should be arrested and put in jail -- they're the criminals, not that rancher and his daughter!

I retired as military officer from the US Air Force with over 22 years of active duty as both an enlisted man, then after working my way throught he ranks, as as officer.

I'm proud of that service and I'm proud of my country.

Those policeman were wrong. This man did nothing wrong. This is America, we have a right to be left alone. That policeman, and his fellow officers, were simple control freaks, and cowardly. They wrestled that poor girl to the ground and verbally assaulted both Americans because they officers believe they have the right to do anything. What will they want next, a blood sample?

The land of the free and the brave is quickly becoming the land of the controlling and cowardly. I hope to God that this case gets resolved properly -- it's not America if you have to show your papers whenever you leave your home. 9/11 is no excuse for the policeman's behavior -- if anything 9/11 underscores that we must cherish our freedoms; not erode them. The terorrists are the bad guys -- not your fellow americans.

I'm embarassed to see this happen in the land I love.

KJZ, Captain, U.S. Air Force, (retired)

Subject:  I'm with you

I watched the video. The sheriff was out of line and mishandled the situation. Hang in there!


Subject:  You are right!

Hi, Dudley,

I think you are right and I wish you will find your right finally at Washington, D.C.

Best wishes from good old Germany, your forefather's country - and GOOD LUCK!


Subject:  Hiibel case

Aynone with half a brain watching that tape can see firsthand the incompetence of police officers in this country. There is no way that should have ended with two people being handcuffed.

The cop at the pickup truck looked like a complete idiot tackling the woman because she got out of the truck. There was no ongoing poroblem there but the cops made it into one. Most cops barely graduated from high school- they go to an "academy" run by cops to recruit more cops. If you seem like a good ole boy- you're gonna pass even if you're dumber than a rock. The psychological profile for the average cop is a guy with control issues- underlying hostility and average IQ or less. Do we want people like that walking around with a badge and a gun?


Subject:  Good Luck!

Mr. Dudley:

As a lawyer and committed civil libertarian, I will watch for developments in your case with great interest. For a police officer to demand ID from a person in a public place without having done any investigation to develop a reasonable suspicion that a crime has been or is going to be committed undermines the very foundations of our freedom.

Good luck!


Subject:  steady!

hang in there mr dudley,

many times in the past i have met with several somewhat brushes with the authorities, although i have advanced degrees in law enforcement and such, i dont think i possess the "intestinal fortitude" to carry out the state's positions on a lot of matters.

in my past scrapes, the officers would almost always make some stupid and inane demand beyond their entitlement by the law. ergo, i get arrested for questioning their outrageous demands by not necessarily refusing but seeking more insight concerning their procedures. it is amazing how the process works (or doesnt work) at times.

i am certain you will prevail and hopefully similar "papers please" mentality will all but disappear in the future.


Subject:  Oh yeah, Land of the F R E E !

Dear Dudley Hiibel,

I've seen this nice little video - gosh, they must have thought you're Osama bin Hiibel! That explains everything, man. If that's the sort of democracy, Bush wanna bring the Iraquis, congrats. Really worth to pay and die for.

Be happy to have this video stuff, in Germany we don't have this sort of equipment in police cars (too poor and too much history, it seems). So you always have several cops and the judge against you and end up in jail if you don't find other witnesses.

Kick them in their ass!!!!!! And get rid of Bush and his greedy, hypocritical old pals as soon as possible. They don't fight for freedom, they are only interested in power and money and money and money. Your case is as important as the one against these new election machines from Bushs old friend Diebold.

I'm happy to see that there are still living some REAL cowboys. Your a brave man. A lot of people in Germany are watching your case. Don't give up, I keep my fingers crossed.

Best wishes from Berlin/Germany


Subject:  Remember this statement...

"It is more important to wrap yourself in the constitution and burn the American flag, than to burn the constitution and wrap yourself in the American flag."

Right seems so simple until you are confronted by wrong.

Remember Dudley that America was founded for those who dreamed of peace and freedom. Don't stop dreaming because you have experienced a nightmare.

May the Supremes realize that we must as a society take chances in the unknown in order to secure freedom from tyranny?


Subject:  weiter so

Dear Mr. Hiibel!

Es freut mich immer, wenn ich von Leuten hören, die sich nicht einschüchtern lassen.
Im Falle einer Straftat ist es selbstverständlich, dass man sich ausweist, aber ohne Begründung, weswegen, würde ich meinen Ausweis auch nicht vorzeigen.
Bleiben Sie aufrecht.
Ich wünsche Ihnen alles Gute.
Viele Grüße aus Deutschland


Subject:  Gestapo police

Hi Dudley,

I'm from Canada and I don't know what police procedures are for U.S. officers but in Canada police are allowed to ask questions in regard to an investigation if in fact they are actually investigating something. They are also required to tell you what they are investigating if they have stopped you or are questioning you. This "officer" did not have the right to simply come up and ask you for your ID even if you were suspected of something. Anyway... good luck with your case, I hope, for the sake of everyone, that you will prevail. If you don't, it will set a precedence that will allow the police to adopt Gestapo policies and get away with it.

Good Luck & Good Health!


Subject:  Police brutality

Mr. Dudley Hiibel

I really think that you and your daughter were victims of police brutality. This officer needs to have charges filed against him and be prosecuted.

I can understand the need for police to have proper procedures for their own safety, as well as the safety of others, however this was neither proper procedure, or legal.

I believe charges of harassment as well as assault on a juvenile should be implemented and a complete investigation be done by an independent organization.

Where are we living today, what's next?

Good luck to you Dudley


Subject:  One man standing!

Sometimes it takes just one man willing to stand there and demand what is right. And it appears that you are our man. Thank you.

Kern River Valley, CA

Subject:  stand firm Dud


MY family and I are firmly behind you. I hope we have some real Ameicans left on the Supreme Court who will throw this case out, and I also hope you file charges against the two officers who violated your rights...These damn steroid monsters need a good a.. kickin...For Bill Johnson to say we need to give up our liberties for security shows how ignorant he is of the supreme laws of this Republic...Best Regards Dick


Subject:  Comments

MR. Hiibel,

I am shocked this is not more covered on the news. I have seen it even in the Die Zeit recently also. I know in Germany they have a "National ID card" . But here in the United States, we should be able to walk down the street and not have an officer demand to see our ID when we are not breaking the law.

Quite frankly, this scares me, if the nine robed men decided in favor of the officers on that day. Will our society finally breach over to national ID cards? Will we be able to just be stopped at random and asked to produce papers as they do in Italy?

I hope things go well, and you have me in your prayers that you win this case.. All Americans should be scared sh—tless that this has even made it this far!


Subject:  Are you a Free Citizen?

Hey Dudley,

Got this from a publication I think it's appropriate.

Pity the poor, wretched, timid, soul who is too fainthearted to resist his oppressors. He has the intellect of a slave. He sings the song of the damned. " I can't fight back. I have too much to lose. I own too much property. I've worked too hard to get what I have. They'll put me out of business if I resist. I might go to jail. I have my family to think about." Such poor, miserable creatures have misplaced values and are hiding their cowardice behind pretended family responsibility, blindly refusing to see that the most glorious legacy than one can bequeath to posterity is liberty, and that the only true security is in liberty. We must give up the idea that we can't fight back. There are people who are more than receptive to the understanding of the loss of control of our country and our government. Help us to explain to our friends and acquaintances the grave situation that now faces this great nation.

"The preservation of the sacred fire of liberty, and the destiny of the REPUBLIC model of government are....entrusted to the hands of the American people." George Washington

You keep on Truckin' Brother!

Austin, Texas Republic
United States of America

Subject:  LIBERTY !

Just read about yoi in the London Times newspaper. Must tell you that you have my support in your stand. Keep on keeping on !


Subject:  Website Response

Dear Mr Hiibel,

I am an American living in England. I heard about your situation from an American Expat forum.

Are those police officers still on the job? I certainly hope not. I watched the video and my blood was boiling! You are one heck of a man to not react and keep your cool! I admire you and respect you for what you are doing. You have all my best wishes and prayers. I hope the Supreme Court gets this one right!

Kind Regards

North Somerset, England

Subject:  National ID Cards and Your Case

First, as a citizen of this great country, I want to thank you and your supporters for fighting this case. Reading the Solicitor General's brief clearly illustrates that law enforcement personnel and institutions can rationalize anything to increase their power and control at the expense of our individual liberty. They should be ashamed and you should be proud.

As an aside, I was active in the trucking industry when the CDL was developed. The CDL, or Commercial Drivers License, program was developed by the Department of Transportation and is currently administered by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. It was developed nationally and promoted for adoption to the states under threat of federal highway funds reductions if not adopted. Is is a national ID for commercial vehicle operators. This country has a number of national level identification systems and programs, all of which are designed to protect the population and ensure qualified personnel in the positions covered. I agree with these, as I hope most of us do.

HOWEVER, one of the most sensitive and difficult positions of all in our society, law enforcement, has absolutely no national standards, licensing, qualification, background verification or other qualification process at all. Any person can become a law enforcement officer through the simple act of being hired. The end result this dismal approach to having qualified officers have been so often illustrated in the news and in our society that you would think we would learn. When was the last time you read about a truck driver doing something as aberrant in their profession as Officer Dove did in his? Would the citizens of Tulia, Texas have sent 38 of their citizens to prison as a result of false testimony if there were an easy way to check an applicant's background and record?

If we need a national, show me on demand identification card, we need it first on the community of law enforcement officers. If we need a national database of persons and their backgrounds, we need it first on the community of law enforcement officers. If we need to grant some portion of the population the right to stop members of another segment and demand information about them, we need it first to grant citizens the right to know who the law enforcement officer they encounter is. If there is some segment of the population who presents a clear and present danger to our constitutional rights by their actions, it is clearly out-of-control, unqualified and dangerous law enforcement officers like Deputy Lee Dove and Trooper Merschel, both of whom should be forever banned from employment as law enforcement personnel anywhere in our country.

Perhaps, eventually, integrity and protection of citizen rights might even filter up to the national government to positions such as Attorney General, Solicitor General and those who direct their actions.


Subject:  Your situation


I was in law enforcement for over 10 years and can tell you that your situation was handled with very poor judgment. The problem today in law enforcement is that you have too many yahoos (knuckle heads) running around caring guns and wearing a badge. Good luck and may God be with you and your daughter,


Subject:  Fourth Amend

Dpty Dove do Wrong...

Dove is a Field Trng Ofcr, and thus should be aware of procedures.

When I was in the academy, as an FTO and came onto a traffic stop, We were to Greet the person we are to confront and advise our Reason for the stop, Or the nature of why we are there and our name. Often we would ask the passenger for their ID also to run... but, if they asked a reason for this or what crime... you would drop the issue because it is outside our authority. Unless you have PC for a felony, or that a charge for that person. Then simple tell them, for your report to be more complete.

Dpty Dove, truly messed up, not simply stating the reason he was their (First item in the Use of Force is Ofcr presence) Thus, the reason to advise the person why we have stopped them. This does not apply in a felony stop, or run until everyone is gathered and then the "investigation stage" then starts. Sort of the facts.

Yes, Dpty Dove, had Probable Cause to Stop, due to the person that reported it. But, You must find if a Crime is in progress, or has happened? Then, Are my actions in the interest of justice? Dpty Dove, by not answering the simple question asked: Why? The party Dudley, is not running, or trying to get away... Just asking why? I can not figure out why this was not dropped by the District Crt? Unless something else is missing.

Retired Police Commander

Subject:  You stand for all of us!

Dear Mr. Hiibel:

Thank you for standing up for the rights of all U.S. citizens. I look forward to the arguments about this case, and the eventual judgement from the Supreme Court on this issue.

I am reminded that the Bill of Rights only enumerate, not define, the natural rights that already exist for all human beings, citizen or not. Among these natural rights, I belive, is the right to be unmolested in my daily affairs, free from any requirement to account for myself unless I am visibly seen to violate a law. Rather, an officer or agent must account to me first if I am under suspicion. It has never been "what do I have to hide," but rather "what suspicion does the officer or agent has that grants him or her the limited right to ask me a question?"

This case is also personally important to me in that I live on St. Simons Island, Georgia - the only land access to Sea Island, GA. In June, 2004, the G-8 conference is coming to my community - complete with hordes of protestors and security agents. Sooooo, what happens when a resident of St. Simons is driving or bicycling down the road, hits a security checkpoint, and then says "no" to an ID check? Your case could help to answer that kind of question.

I wish you all the best in your struggle to help define the law for all U.S. citizens.

My Sincere Regards,

Subject:  Wishing you the best of luck

I can't imagine the mindset that would throw a teenage girl, allegedly the victim of a crime, into the dirt.

If your stand gets people like this out of law enforcement and people with an idea of the spirit of the law into it then the USA can only benefit. And if the USA benefits then hopefully so will the rest of the world.

With regards and respect,


Subject:  Mr. Dudley Hiibel

I live up here in Canada and have being keeping up with your case, hope you have a lot of luck.

Tks. Mike

Subject:  Papers? Comrade.

For years the government has been creating end runs around our constitutional protections, the limitations on government. One of the methods is to define normal and reasonable behavior as illegal. (things like setting the speed limit 10+mph below what people actually travel at) Another is to pass laws to protect people from themselves. (any nanny state law) In your case it appears that all pretense of the bill of rights has been tossed aside.

We will soon learn how much of the USA is actually left because you have been able to bring the issue to the highest level. If the supreme court finds against you then we may have to take the advice of framers, the reason for admendment number 2.


Subject:  Freedom

Mr. Hiibel

First, I have to say I am amazed at your self control. Throughout this entire encounter you were calm, not rude or confrontational. I don't know if I could have been as mature.

I thank you for going so far to protect us all. We have given up to much to our government without even noticing. For example, no matter whom one voted for in 2000, I hope we agree, the best result would have been that they came up with an agreed upon way to count the votes and then found a winner. When the Supreme Court entered into a matter that truely belonged to the people it was one more example of intrusion by government in a way that couldnt be justified. And yet the newspapers that week were more interested in shark attacks than one more bite out of the Constitution.

There was a reason that the founders wrote that Constitution. It wasn't to empower the government. It was to constrain it and leave as much power as they believed possible in the hands of the people. Again, I thank you for acting to hold onto that power for all of us.


Subject:  God bless you!

"When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign,
that the dunces are all in confederacy against him."
 - Jonathan Swift,(1667-1745)
  "Thoughts on Various Subjects, Moral & Diverting"

Hang in there. We'll outlast Bush, Ashcroft and Co. yet. God forbid that a citizen of the United States of America could be stopped on the street and sent to jail for not producing his or her "identity papers".

This ain't that country.

Best wishes,

Subject:  (no subject)

Dear Mr Hiibel,

I'm confident that the Supreme Court will set the matter straight. - Hopefully!

Coming from a country where the men in the leathercoats and the black hats harrassed the people whenever they felt like it, I appreciate the importance of your fight.

Keep the Faith,
M (from Germany)

Subject:  Way to go

I admire you for standing up to the order to show identification. The government needs to the power to question people who are doing something suspicious, but there's no excuse for them demanding identification while you're just standing on the side of the road talking.

Electrical Engineer in Tampa, FL

Subject:  Great Job on CNN

I just saw this story on CNN.

Great job on the news Dudley. I hope you win for the masses. We are behind you!

I was born and raised here in the US. My Great Grandfather was mayor of Chicago.

Now thanks to so called Homeland Security I need 3 forms of ID and a thumb print just to cash my own paycheck.

When I refused to leave without MY MONEY (calmly and unarmed, I might add) 6 cops came, dragged me out of the bank. Checked my ID, Called in for my records and let me go.

I wouldn't be supprised if im now on big brothers watch list. Well Im no threat to anybody .

Thank you,
35yrs old
NW Indiana

Subject:  Fight The Power

Get up, stand up
Don't give up your rights

Bob Marley

We NY Liberals are beside, behind and in front of you Dudley.


Subject:  Give me liberty....

Watching that appalling video, I was reminded of Vermont's licence plate: "Live free or die".

My hat is off to Dudley and Mimi! Stand tall for freedom!


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