March 22nd 2004
Washington, DC

Dear Supporters,

To all the people that have written letters of support on my Supreme Court case that was heard today, I want to thank you because it helped us keep up our morale; and proved that there was support for the freedoms that I was fighting to uphold.  It was evident from the outpour that the people of America cherish their freedoms and hopefully this will make a difference in the decision of the Supreme Court.

Dudley is deluged by friends and reporters after leaving the Supreme Court.
Thanks again,
Dudley Hiibel

Team Dudley members Bill Scannell, Bob Dolan, Jim Logan and Harriet Cummings with the Man Himself.
Ann Harrison came all the way from California to wait in line at 5:30am for the first ticket.
Bob Dolan, Dudley's lawyer, arrives at the Supreme Court to argue the case.
Dudley and his crack team of Nevada State Public Defenders
Team Dudley lawyers Robyn Wagner and Jim Harrison stand shoulder to shoulder with Mr. Hiibel.
What it says, he lives.
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"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety
    deserve neither liberty nor safety."   - Benjamin Franklin
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