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Tape Transcript

Dudley Hiibel = H
Deputy Dove = D
Mimi Hiibel = M

Radio Dispacher: 10-4 ------ Turn lane on C ---- 3 ---------------

Hiibel: How's it goin' Sheriff

Dove: How ya doin'?

Dove: Well, ...................

H: Looks like I'm parked ok

D: Well, I've got a report that there's been a fightin' going on between you two tonight.

H: I don't know nuttin' about that. ------ Of course, I've -----------------

D: Why don't you come over here, ok?

H: I'm parked alright on the side of the road

D: You've got any identification on you?

H: No, ------------ why should I have an ID? Why do you want me to...

D: The thing is this ----- we're doin' an investigation, ok and I wanna see some identification

H: Naw, I'm ------ gonna ------

D: I need to see some identification

H: I don't, I don't think, I think I've --------------------

D: Come over here. Sir...

H: Sir, don't grab onto me

D: I won't grab you if you'll come back over here

H: ------ sorry ---------------------

D: Come back over here, ok

H: Why in hell do I go over here? Why? Am I under arrest?

D: I just need to see some identification.

H: Why?

D: Because I'm investigating an investigation

H: Investigating what?

D: I'm investigating

H: I'm a legal


H: I'm illegally parked, I mean, I mean I am illegally parked?

D: How'd you get home yesterday

H: That don't matter

D: ------------------

H: ---------------------

D: It could be a searchable situation

H: Ok, take me to jail.

D: I didn't say that

H: Alright then I'm not illegally parked

D: ok

H: I know what, I know what I'm talking to


H: I know what you ----- type --------

D: ---------- registration ------

H: Why?

D: Because I wanna find out who you are and I wanna find out what I've got going on here

H: -----------------

D: So, you're refusing to --------

H: ---------------------

D: --------------------

H: --------------------

D: Show me your identification.....

H: Why?

D: and uh, uh fine. Show me your identification.

H: I'm uh, I'm uh, I'm being cooperative with you. I'm...

D: Show me your ID

H: I'm, I'm cooperating with you

D: Show me your ID

H: If you've got something take me to jail

D: Show me your ID

H: -------------------------

D: --------------------


D: ...and then we'll talk, ok?

H: I don't want to talk. I've done nothin'. I've broken no laws. Take me to jail, I don't care.

D: Why would I, why would I take you to jail if you've broken no laws?

H: Because you wanna apparently. I'm not illegally parked, I'm not doin' nothin'. I've got a guy behind me who wants to take me to jail.

D: I want to see some ID, ok.

H: Why?

D: Because

H: Why

D: -------------------

H: -------------------

D: ------------------

H: I don't care

D: You're not going to cooperate?

H: Because I ...

D: So then you're not gonna cooperate with me at all? Ok, turn around and put your hands on your back. Spread your feet.

M: Nooo more!

D: Spread your feet, spread your feet,

M: No more!

D: Spread your feet wider, thank you sir.

M: Aaaahhhh

D: Ok, I'm going to tilt you back in a second. Do you got any -------- or stick that will hurt me?

H: I ...

D: I'm gonna take your knife and you'll get it back at a later time, now.

D: Ok, --------- back here.

M: Aaahhhh.

Radio: -----------------

M: Aaahhhhhh


M: Aaahhhhh! Get off of me! Get off of me!

H: Big man, big man, real big man!

Radio: ----------------

M: Aaahhh!

H: Big man, gee what a big man!

M: Stop!

H: I can't, I've never seen such a big man since you guys.

M: Get off of me! Get off of me!

M: Get off of me!

H: Oh, yes. Big men. Big men, I've never seen such big men since you guys.

M: Stop! Stop!

H: Big men!

M: Why are you doing this to me?

H: Big men, big men.

M: (expletive)

D: (to daughter) Can you explain to me what happened tonight?

M: I told you. We got in a fight (.........) and I told ya what we we were arguing about because we were fightin'.

D: You feel like standin' up?

M: I feel like you getting this thing off of me

D: Can I help you stand up so then we can talk? Maybe we can take those off.

M: Come on...

D: Wanna stand up?

D: What's you're name?

H: Big man

D: What's your name?

M. Mimi.

D: Mimi what?

M: Hiibel

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