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High Court Says IDs Can Be Required in Police Stops
Los Angeles Times, 22 June 2004

Justices Uphold a Nevada Law Requiring Citizens to Identify Themselves to the Police
The New York Times, 22 June 2004

Court: Police Can Require Name
San Jose Mercury News, 22 June 2004

What's in a Name?
Washington Post (editorial), 22 June 2004

Court: No Right to Keep Names From Police
Associated Press (ABC News.com), 21 June 2004

Suspects Can Be Forced to Give Names, U.S. Court Says
Bloomberg, 21 June 2004

If Police Ask, You Must Give Your Name
Christian Science Monitor, 21 June 2004

Keeping Name Private Can Be a Crime, Court Rules
CNN.com, 21 June 2004

Court Rules on Privacy of Personal Identity
National Public Radio (audio), 21 June 2004

Top Court Rules People Must Give Police Their Names
Reuters, 21 June 2004

Supreme Court Says Keeping Name Private Can Be Crime
San Francisco Chronicle, 21 June 2004

High Court Rules on Police ID Requests
Washington Post, 21 June 2004

Big brother and national identity
Korea Herald, 7 April 2004

Slippery Frogs and the US Supreme Court
Opinion Editorials, 5 April 2004

Should you have to tell the police who you are?
Daily Herald, 2 April 2004

Does "the right to remain silent" really mean what it says?
Tullahoma News, 30 March 2004

Mum's the word
Concord Monitor, 28 March 2003

Court to decide if we have to tell police our names
Reno Gazette-Journal, 28 March 2004

Simple Question, Big Implications
Washington Post, 27 March 2004

EDITORIAL: The road to the police state
Las Vegas Review-Journal, 27 March 2004

Right of Silence
Detroit Free Press, 26 March 2004

EDITORIAL: Absent clear public interest, government should butt out
Portland Press Herald, 24 March 2004

Privacy vs. Scrutiny
The Sentinel, 24 March 2004

Our View: Silence is not a crime
North County Times, 23 March 2004

Our View: Silence is not a crime
North County Times, 23 March 2004

Court weighs if you must tell police your name
Pittsburgh Post Gazette, 23 March 2004

Supreme Court to Decide Mandatory Identification Case
New York Times, 23 March 2004

Justices Debate Right to Withhold Name From Police
Washington Post, 23 March 2004

What's in a name? Too much, court told
USA Today, 23 March 2004

Justices hear ID-showing case
Washington Times, 23 March 2004

Court hears case on forcing people to give identification
Knight-Ridder News Service, 23 March 2003

Court Considers Right to Keep Name from Police
Reuters, 23 March 2004

Supreme Court to Decide Mandatory ID Case
Associated Press, 23 March 2004

The Supreme Court is suspicious
Slate, 22 March 2004

Supreme Court to Weigh Nevada Man's Right to Privacy
National Public Radio, 22 March 2004

If police ask who you are, do you have to say?
Christian Science Monitor, 22 March 2004

Nevada rancher's privacy case goes before U.S. Supreme Court
Associated Press, 21 March 2004

Nevada privacy case lands before US Supreme Court
Reno Gazette Journal, 21 March 2004

'Your papers, please'
Washington Observer-Reporter, 21 March 2004

Ask his name, but he won't tell
St. Petersburg Times, 20 March 2004

Nevada rancher at heart of court fight
Las Vegas Sun, 19 March 2004

Supreme Court to Hear Landmark Privacy Case
CNS News, 18 March 2004

Supreme Court should uphold right of silence
Victoria Advocate, 18 March 2004

Fourth Amendment Protects All Citizens
Fox News, 17 March 2004

Identity cards: The worrying case of a cowboy, a cop and the constitution
The Times (UK), 16 March 2004

Nevada arrest, $250 fine raises monumental constitutional fight
Austin American-Statesman, 13 March 2004

Hiibel Revisited
Slate, 10 March 2004

Give Them Your Name and Give Up Your Rights
Los Angeles Times, 9 March 2004

A Right To Remain Silent
Black Press USA, 8 March 2004

Papers, Please
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7 March 2004

Cowboy Justice
CNN (Paula Zahn Now), 4 March 2004

Dudley Hiibel gegen den Staat
Die Zeit (Germany), 4 March 2004

The Trouble With Hiibel
Slate, 3 March 2004

FOURTH, FIFTH AMENDMENTS: U.S. Supreme Court to hear rancher's case
Las Vegas Review-Journal, 2 March 2004

Supreme Court to hear appeal in police ID demand case
Associated Press, 2 March 2004

Officialdom's blistering arrogance
National Post (Canada), 1 March 2004

Right to privacy or protection from terrorists
The Rocky Mountain Collegian, 1 March 2004

Fighting for Right Not to Show ID
Wired, 27 February 2004

The right to be left alone: The Dudley Hiibel case
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 25 February 2004

Who am I? Why do you need to know?
The Jersey Journal, 24 February 2004

Editorial: Your papers, please
Washington Times, 22 February 2004

Search and seizure protection must continue in post-Sept. 11 America
The Pitt News, 19 February 2004

Off to jail for not giving ID to officer?
Gannett News Service, 18 February 2004

Editorial: Your Papers, Please
Las Vegas Review-Journal, 24 December 2002


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