In The News

Fed center ID protest sidetracked
Denver Post, 10 December 2005

Saturday essay: Your Papers, Please
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 9 December 2005

Around the Nation
Washington Times, 9 December 2005

Feds block bus protest
Rocky Mountain News, 9 December 2005

Let's See Some ID
AlterNet, 9 December 2005

Charges dropped against Colorado women who wouldn't show ID
Scripps Howard News Service, 7 December 2005

Woman's arrest violates Fourth Amendment
Purdue Exponent, 7 December 2005

Charges Dropped Against Women Who Rode Bus, Refused To Show ID
Rocky Mountain News, 7 December 2005

Editorial: 'War On Terror' Should Not Be An Excuse To Demand Your ID
Marysville Appeal-Democrat, 4 December 2005

Roll Over And Beg
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4 December 2005

ACLU Defends Bus Rider Who Refused to Show ID
NPR, 3 December 2005

Give A Wink And A Nod To Fed Center 'Greeter'
Rocky Mountain News, 3 December 2005

Feds Review Bus Route's ID Policy
Denver Post, 2 December 2005

Fed Center flap draws a busload of support
Rocky Mountain News, 1 December 2005

Rocking the Bus
Reason Magazine, 30 November 2005

Let Her Ride Without 'Papers'
Rocky Mountain News, 30 November 2005

Coloradan Faces Jail For Refusal To Show ID
Washington Times, 30 November 2005

Woman Arrested For Not Showing ID At Federal Ctr.
Associated Press, 29 November 2005

Ridin’ the Bus With Deborah
OpEd News, 29 November 2005

Refusal To Present ID Sparks Test Of Rights
Rocky Mountain News, 29 November 2005

Court Trip Next Stop For Bus Rider
Denver Post, 27 November 2005