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Subject: Don't let anyone give you any crap about your rights


You have more balls than the entire U.S. Congress that passed the communist Patriot Act without even reading it, much less debating it. As far as I'm concerned, anyone who tells you to 'leave if you don't like it' or 'go to Iraq to become a human shield' is a spineless, brainwashed, national socialist traitor who hates the principles this country was founded upon.

The next time one of those flag-waving, big government worshipping closet communists gives you any grief for standing up for yourself, tell them to kiss your American Ass! I have more respect for dogsh*t than I have for any of those losers. And I have more respect for your toe lint than I have for any of the made-in-China-yellow-ribbon-bumper-magnet crowd. Keep up the good work.



Subject: your stand for your own sanity

Subject: Just say no! :-)

God bless ya, Deb.

You did the right thing. You withdrew your consent to be bullied. If everyone in America did this, the whole ridiculous police state that is slowly eating away at our liberty would eventually collapse of its own dead weight. Why on earth would millions of us allow a few of them to rule over us this way? Thank you for setting an excellent example for the rest of us to follow.

I sure wish the ACLU wasn't so selective about which constitutional rights it stands up for. We need them all. Still, I hope they nail the tyrants to the wall for you.

D in TX

Subject: Hooray for you!

Thanks for having the courage to stand up to this brazen abuse of power. I hope your stand helps to generate a closer look at the way our freedoms are being eroded in this current climate of fear.

Hang in there!


Subject: Good work - Thanks for standing up


I had a similar experience at a border crossing, but was not arrested or charged, merely "detained" for about an hour. These guys are getting out of control.

I used to believe that the best way to overcome them was to hunker down and wait for them to self-destruct. (this does work pretty well with workplace rivals). However, I think that it's getting bad enough that regular people need to stand up and say NO MORE!

Thank you so much for doing this. God bless you.



Subject: Good luck!

You have more courage than me!

Good luck. You have my support.

We're back in the 1950s McCarthyism black-listing days. The pendulum will swing back soon.


Subject: why am I not surprised

Hi Deb,

Came across your website from a link at

Illegal searches and arrests are always disturbing news, but unfortunately all too common. People are brainwashed everyday with the impression that police have authority to do whatever is deemed necessary in order to "protect the public".

Television shows like "cops" reinforce this idea daily with demonstrations of police aggressively handling the homeless, poor and addicted. The police approach is always the same , "respect me and my power or suffer the consequences". The poor schmuck is usually grabbed by several cops brandishing sticks or guns while the dogs are howling and straining at the leash to tear them apart. Any resistance is brutally rebutted.

Excellent propaganda to properly condition our minds as to what is allowed or tolerated from authority.

The average citizen has no authority and regardless of innocence, must inevitably pay a financial penalty to defend themselves after being arrested, humiliated and given a police record which stays with them for the rest of their lives.

I also find it very ironic that the federal government is always working to protect government employees and facilities with extraordinary measures, but do little to deal with issues like our porous borders with Mexico and Canada.

If they spent as much effort preventing illegal immigrants we would all be better off.

Sue the bastards when you win .

Subject: What can we do to contribute?


Your courage to stand up for our RIGHTS as established in the Constitution is nothing short of modern-day heroism.


Subject: This should go all the way to the Supremes if necessary..

And if it fails after that...

we should ALL of us, make up ID with our pictures on it, and the name Deborah Davis. What will they do when Deborah Davis is driving/flying/riding everywhere, all the time, simultaneously?

Subject: You go Deborah!!!

Bless your courage!!


Subject: True American Hero


You are a true American hero of the first order and your thoughts and actions have served to wake up very many people. The very best of luck to you and may you prevail and may we all.


Subject: 1984 dejevu

Dear Deborah,

The irony of having your son in Iraq fighting while you answer to Big Brother here at home is striking. The excuse and rational for Big Brother was a forever war in the middle east. Any questioning of any authority claimed by Big Brother and his representatives was enough to get one carried away. They didn't get you into the "corrective" facilities but the story of your arrest reads like they would have gladly corrected, you with a will. Aggravated official false arrest.

Know that you are not alone, if only in spirit for now.



Subject: Keep It Up

Good job Deb! We need more people like you.



Whatever the outcome in court, keep in mind that you've already made quite a point by making this public. This is the kind of what needs to happen: That there's not just one fighter working him/herself up, but that others understand what's necessary and follow up instead of waiting for you to make take next steps as well.

You've already done a big and brave part in this, thank you for that.


Subject: thank you for your stand

It is a strong statement of the times your standing up for your rights as a person in 2005. Your son should be proud his mom has the strength to stand for what America is once known for standing for. You have my support and my prayers.

IN Peace


Subject: Thank You!

Dear Deb,

Thank you for standing up for our freedoms. You go, girl! We must not let George Orwell's vision of the future become a reality. We must not become a totalitarian state.

I'm with you!


Subject: Good Luck

Hi Deb, You've opened up a real can of worms here. How dare we actually exercise our rights as American citizens ! You remind me of another American bus rider named Rosa Parks. Ring any bells ? It disgusts me how the American government spits in the faces of our founding fathers, and removes the personal freedoms of the voters who put them into office. Deb, you've done a good thing here. Stick to your guns... be a patriot, support your government and stand up for your rights. That's one of the biggest things that makes America great...Freedom !

Subject: Thank you

Deborah, Thank you for standing up to the impending police state, your courage is inspiring. Constitutional conservatives like me are appalled at the direction the phony neoconservatives have taken this country.



Thank you for standing tall while so many sit meekly and equivocate.

Best of luck,


Subject: Thanks, Deb!

Thanks, Deb!

Thanks for standing up for all of us!

I am a 'veteran' of the Civil Rights movement and the protest against the Vietnam War. I am proud of you as a courageous American who knows when freedom has turned into intimidation and coercion. I am also proud of my support of the ACLU over the years.

Take it all the way to the Supreme Court.

We may have to take to the streets to give this the attention required to change not only the law but the spirit of America at this dark hour of open and unabashed manipulation of the truth and our Constitution by our own government.


Subject: Bravo

I was born in the US and loved this country with all my heart. Some years ago I went overseas to live and work with a sad heart. I returned with a sadder one. While gone someone or something has killed the country I loved. I've been here now just a few months but I can't wait to get leave and this next time I go I hope will be permanently. And it is precisely because of things like this.

Government has gotten out of control in the US and politicians who claim to support limited government are the worst offenders. It is scary to read what is happening to this country and to see so many applauding as it happens.

Subject: Dangerous Deb Davis does Denver


Your case would be shocking if it had occurred 20 years ago. Unfortunately, this is becoming increasingly common in our Brave New World. The law continues to be changed to provide greater and greater discretion for the police at a time when they are being wrapped in greater and greater immunity protection, and less and less qualifications are required to do the job.

This is an extremely dangerous state of affairs for anyone who hold the Constitution dear to them.

I wish you all the best. You have wide support.


Subject: Your Case


Thank you for standing up for all of us.

It used to be "government of the people, by the people and for the people", it now seems to be government for the government workers. Its interesting that these government employees (cops) only wanted to see your id (for security ostensibly) when you were on government property. They didn't care about the risks to the rest of the population? There seem to be two classes of citizens now - those that work for the government and those that don't.


Subject: Big Brother

We are already in a police state and it is only getting worse. The government and those in power will do anything to keep that power. I hope we all have the mind to refuse when we must. We cannot allow ourselves to fall victim to the mentality of fear propagated by the government and the media. We must have courage and do the right thing.


Subject: Don't let the Bad Guys get to you--Hang in there

I applaud you. Please don't blink! The stand you have taken is refreshing.


Subject: my daughter had same problem

Hey deb,

I envy your courage. My daughter rides the #100 bus to school. She is 15yrs old. The first week of her new school was stressful enough. Then the guards at the Federal center started to get real mean with her. She didn't yet have her school id. She came home crying one day because they were so mean to her. I don't think they should have the right to bully a young girl. She obviously wasn't a terrorist. It must make them feel like big men to humiliate innocent people on the bus. Especially women and children.

Subject: Hooray for you!

Thanks for standing up for all of us!

Subject: The state will pay...

which means that we all will pay and that's a shame. The ACLU should be all over this one and they should stipulate that the offending officers must pay for your time and legal fees and that they must make formal apologies and teach 4th Amendment classes to others. The same thing happened in DC and New York recently. Protesters and non-protesters alike were swept up and jailed on no charges, they sued and the city pays. Complete rubbish.

PS: Love that you wouldn't get off the phone!

Subject: Thank you!

Thank you for having GUTS!

Subject: You did the right thing!


I read about you ordeal with great sadness. As a veteran I fought to protect this county form despots like these. Thank you for having the courage to do what's right.


Subject: Thank You! Thank you! Thank you!


Those of us who have actually read the Constitution and understand why it is so important can not thank you enough. For the other Americans who can't think for themselves, you are providing an invaluable civics lesson. We are with you!


Subject: Thank you

America needs more folks like you. I have no papers to present, and haven't for 20+ years, no intention to start now.


Subject: Even the Border Patrol doesn't do this

If you ride a bus anywhere along our southern border, there are times and places where the bus stops and BP agents get on board, looking things over. As the come down the aisle, all you have to do is say "Citizen." That's it. I'm OK with that.

And that buffoon who says they want to know who is coming into the center, yet they don't keep a list; I'm sure your lawyer will have field day with that.



Deb: Congratulations on taking a bold and courageous stand against our burgeoning police state, being foisted upon us in the name of "Homeland Security."

Subject: Good on yer Deb

Your country is in the middle of a huge fight to retain any semblance of its freedom.

When all the freedoms are taken away, then evil will have won.


Subject: Standing up to Big Brother

Dear Rosa, er, Deborah,

Freedom rules, Big Brother drools! Way to go! It looks like you did a perfect job of setting up the relevant federal constitutional questions. Hang in there and keep holding your head high. You are speaking for millions of us anonymous "little people" types. More dogs are jumping on the bear every day. God bless you for what you are doing!

All the best, JW

Subject: A quick thank you

Good going! Thank you for standing up for all of us. I and many, many others will be following this closely.



Subject: Congratulations and Good Luck

Deb, I just wanted you to know that all of us support your decision to refuse showing ID. Keep fighting the good fight, and we may yet be free.


Subject: What's Next? Showing Your Passport At State Borders?

I applaud anyone who has the courage to stand-up to bullies! Resistance is NOT futile! This story is winding its way through the Internet. Tens-of-thousands of people all over the world are going to know about this one act of defiance. I'll bet the thugs that arrested this valiant lady will think twice before trampling on the rights of another brave citizen!

Subject: Wow

I am impressed by your willingness to take a stand on a important issue such as this. Our founding fathers would be horrified to see what the government has done to our country. We need more freedom minded people such as yourself to stand up and let the powers that be know that we do not respect the laws they have enacted in direct conflict with the Constitution. I'm sure that somewhere our founding fathers are nodding their heads and smiling.

Subject: hurrah!

Aloha Deborah Davis! I have just read your web site and I am so grateful for your effort to push back this citizen abuse we are now having to face. Since 911, our security is not any improved, but in fact the new system is just abusive and terrorising our honest citizens. I am truly grateful for your individual effort in pushing this type of "bully" system back into its rightful place. I am also aware that what the courts decide will be significant. If they feel they must leave the "authority to demand" ID at random, them we don't' fair well. I can see an inclination for this, but why do they need it in a peaceful, law-abiding situation? So if they draw a line of where the tolerance should be..... then we have gained some of our American dignity back from this "Hitler assault" on our freedom. I have been navy brat, so I know about the "bases" and their ID stuff. But is really is just a placebo effect as their are countless time unauthorised people have entered. There are countless time which the ones checking are not even paying attention or care who they are checking. It is just for that effect of authority. I feel you were directly abused. I feel you are so right in testing their policy. Many "bases" will only check the bus and bus driver. To be harrassed and handcuffed, with the disrespect by throwing your cell phone, etc. is a bad omen for all Americans. We are no longer safe from our own government who we voted to implement our government. It is time to change out those who are so fearful they cause wars, create agencies that do not know what they are doing for security, that diminish our economy through bad it time that they all go. It is time for the return of integrity! I see your case as one great attempt to push back a system out of control, back to integrity. I applaud you! Rosie Parks just passed and she too stood up for her rights on a bus. It was a hard road but we see now how one person can make changes for the better for whole groups of people. You are one of those! Thank you thank you thank you! I love our constitution and I believe you are acting according to its tenets! Push on dear one! Know I have you in my prayers! Keep in the public eye as much as you can! Let people know they are being protected by a gutsy lady named Deborah Davis!!! Aloha,


Subject: I Applaud YOU!!!

Dear Deb, I applaud your resistance to what is nothing short of tyranny. I served my country in the US Marine Corps. in Vietnam. This is not what I served my country for! To have its citizens tyrannized by what amounts to nothing more that actions that resemble that of a police state. This kind of action by police and self appointed "guardians of freedom" must not be tolerated! Thank you for taking a stand against this outrage. God bless you, and God help the USA!!!

Respectfully Yours,


Subject: Good Job

Just wanted to drop a line of support. I think is more then commendable that you are standing up for what is right. All my life I heard the stories of showing your papers in Nazi Germany and Russia, and China, and other fascist states. Now we are supposed to sit back and allow our so called government to demand ours at their discretion. Bull! Good Job.....Just shows the slippery slope we've slid down in the last 50 years. Its only gonna get worse but we have to resist the slide as much as possible. Good Luck and God Bless America.


Subject: God Bless Deborah Davis


Thank you so much for helping to nourish the dying Tree of Liberty. Some say that your experience is the result of too much conservatism. I would have to say that your experience is the result of too much power, consolidated in the hands of too few. The measuring stick we use should not be one of ideology, left or right, but of liberty being the balance between tyranny and anarchy. In your case, tyranny has reared its menacing, unbalanced head.

The fight, that you are fighting for all of us, is not one that has started in recent days. It has become more obvious recently, but the fight against our freedom has been raging for the better part of one-hundred years. The consolidation of power in America will only take us down the path that centralized power always leads to-- think: Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, Red China. I applaud you for your efforts to show those who wish to give themselves more power, at the expense of the God-given rights of American citizens, that we will not back down. America loves you! God bless you in your efforts

Best regards,


Subject: Showing papers


I think you are doing the right thing. It is so great to know that there are people out there prepared to stand up against this monster. We are all in this together.



Subject: Well Done

Behind you 100% May I suggest that supporters within the area leave their ID at home and start riding these buses? Imagine, busload after busload of innocent citizens arrested. It just might attract some attention and make people realize where we're headed. RMC

Subject: Riding the bus...

Ms. Davis,

I want to publicly commend your for your courage, and for standing up for what is right...and for what is commonly referred to as "freedom"! I recently retired after twenty-three years of being a Police Officer. One of the strongest motivations that I had for retiring was the attitudes of the people I worked with and for, and the way that they treated the very people they were sworn to serve. Too many people just "give-in" and blindly do what the police tell them to do, simply out of a desire to be a decent, law abiding citizen. Likewise, far too many decent, law abiding people fear the police...and for what reason? Sadly, the answer is, for the very reason that you are having to deal with this nightmare today! Most cops have the attitude that people should fear them, and do whatever they say without question, and that is wrong! You were arrested for what is commonly called "contempt of cop" in law enforcement circles. I would certainly like to know what law(s) you have supposedly broken. Stick to your guns are 110% right!!! For what it is worth...I have a lot of respect for you and the stance that you have taken!


Subject: thanks

Thanks for having the courage to stand up to the arbitrary abuse of authority you experienced. You are quite brave!


Subject: kudos

You are fighting the good and correct cause. I will keep watching for news.


Subject: thanx

Deb, I am outraged at the time you now have to waste messing around with this political crap that shouldn't even be an issue. I hope you prevail and get reimbursed for your time. I fear that I wouldn't have had the courage to do the same but now I will feel an obligation to stand up for even the smallest rights. Take heart that the true patriots are behind you.


Subject: Don't let anyone give you any crap about your rights


You have more balls than the entire U.S. Congress that passed the communist Patriot Act without even reading it, much less debating it. As far as I'm concerned, anyone who tells you to 'leave if you don't like it' or 'go to Iraq to become a human shield' is a spineless, brainwashed, national socialist traitor who hates the principles this country was founded upon.

The next time one of those flag-waving, big government worshipping closet communists gives you any grief for standing up for yourself, tell them to kiss your American Ass! I have more respect for dogsh*t than I have for any of those losers. And I have more respect for your toe lint than I have for any of the made-in-China-yellow-ribbon-bumper-magnet crowd. Keep up the good work.



You are a true American. fight the power. We are giving to much power to the police and we need to remind them who the work for.

Subject: Down with neo-Fascism!

I support you Deborah... we can no longer stand idly by while our nation becomes a police state... you have your rights and I respect you for standing up for them.

Best of luck to you,


Subject: "And then they came for me"


I am proud of you. I hope that when (notice I say "when" and not "if") my time comes I will be as cool and collected as you were.

Our country is being stolen by hooligans in the name of "security". Even Huey Long warned us about this when asked about fighting fascism. He said, "When fascism comes here, we will call it anti-fascism."

Orwell thought he was writing didactic fiction. I bet he never dreamed he would be considered a prophet.


Subject: Blessings and Prayers for You!

Hi Deborah,

I would just like to say that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I support your courage to stand up for what is guaranteed under our Constitution of the United States of America. You are going to become a part of history and I am honored to witness history in the making. You go girl!

God bless you.


Subject: Keep a positive attitude

I just read your website and I believe that you were 100% correct in what you did. It is sad that our country needs this kind of wake up call to their civil liberties. What happened to you happens to people throughout the United States on a daily basis. I applaud your taking a stand against this unreasonable intrusion on your privacy.


Subject: We are with You

We are with you.

D & S C

Subject: Good job

I am proud that you are acting as an American should. Good Job. Our Republic is getting closer and closer to a police state and it is up to the "ordinary" citizens to stand up and say "this isn't right" and "no, you can not take away our rights". We need to get back to what made our country great, freedoms.

Subject: (no subject)

Hang in there and God bless you! The only ID I would have shown them would have been my extended middle finger.


Subject: Right on!

Dear Deb,

Way to go! I thought I was all alone in this country when it comes to standing up for my rights. I can't tell you how sick I get when I go through airport security and people are automatically treated like criminals by idiots and the people THANK them for it! Gimme a break. I am no pacifist or liberal, but rather, a thinking Libertarian.

As for the cretins who mindlessly wave flags and tell you to leave the country if you don't like it...THEY are the ones ignorant of what this country was founded on and THEY are the ones ruining it. I hope sanity prevails on this...but these days, you can't count on that!


Subject: Papers Please

I completely agree with you on this. It is clear that the gov. clearly overstepped it's bounds. It is also clear that they did not follow proper steps in announcing the requirements of producing I.D. My big concern here is how far they took the issue after you were taken from the bus. I hope the courts realize the mistakes made hear and rule in your favor. If they do not we are all in a world of trouble. Most of the time I do not carry I.D. and when asked for it I say I don't have it. This results in a what's your name and address question and I am on my way. Refusing to produce it is a different story in my eyes. As a police officer that would instantly raise questions in my mind as to why you refused. As a police officer asked to guard a federal building of low importance AKA a more easily accessible target. I would be more prone to look for defiance or nervousness as a sign of something wrong. I don't feel you should have been arrested. I think your newly created cause is a just one, and for all of us that move freely about this country I hope you win.

Subject: Hyper Cop

Those in positions of "authority" tend to hyper-extend what they can and cannot do and then justify it in their own minds with, "I am protecting and serving." It is a mental fiction, a fantasy of mind and somewhat disconnected from reality.

Thank you Deb for standing up against the group think of the Federal Police. Only such a stance will shake up the group and call them a little closer to reality.

L in Atlanta

Subject: Thank you!


You are courageous for standing up. I'm sure when you made your stand you weren't thinking of the importance of your act, but it is quite clear today. It is ironic we live in a country where protecting our security means the invasion of honest citizens privacy. There must be a limit of how much liberty and freedom we are willing to give up in exchange for our security. Thank you for keeping our government in check, and for standing up for our rights.

SR, Pennsylvania

Subject: demanding ID

just wanted to say " go get 'hem girl " hope this opens some eyes to what our goverment is becomming , more like a dictatorship then a democracy.


Subject: Lets all follow your example..

To stand up against tyranny in this government. We the people started this country..the hell if its going to be run by the military (red coats)! United we stand divided we fall!!

Subject: papers please

There are millions and millions of Americans who will rebel when the day comes that they are tracked by every move, every purchase, every illness, every bank transaction, every bus ride. These overzealous "patriots" buying into the creeping totalitarian tactics, such as those gate watchmen, will be the losers. The winners will be those who stand up for their right to be a PRIVATE citizen under the Constitution.

Subject: ID demand

Hi Deb, I am very proud of you. You have set a wonderful example for your family and for many others who have not taken the time to study and understand what has happened to America. I just hope you do not fail in what has become one of the most corrupt court systems in the world. It appears that none of our judges understand the oath they took to uphold the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights. They also are part of the destruction of this country.


Subject: ID

I was a passenger in a car stopped for a traffic violation. The officer demanded my ID. I politely (but untruthfully) told him that I was not carrying any. He dropped the issue but I wish I had had your courage and just refused.


Subject: really sad that I'm not amazed by your story

I knew after 9-11, our country would get to this point. I have had female friends stopped in the street and questioned because of their head dress, and I not a Islamic woman myself was distressed and outraged for them.

I knew the day would come when ordinary people have to stand up for what's right. I'm sure you didn't expect to be arrested, but I'm sure in your stomach and your heart you knew it was time to stand up and say no to this insanity.

I am wishing you good luck and God speed to you and yours in the days, weeks and months ahead.


Subject: Good for You!

You showed a lot of courage, and certainly gained my respect, Deborah. I wish you the best, and hope that some how these atrocious laws are modified or eliminated.

While I do understand that law enforcement agencies must be allowed to do their job, this "legal" I.D. requirement is, IMO, beyond the pale. Indeed, I should suspect it beyond the Constitution. There is no telling where such arrogance may lead. Travel permits, route permits, search and seizure without warrant, who knows? Both your son in Iraq, and I myself when in Korea (not the war), feel our service to be active defense of American Liberty.

Not only is this presumptive demand of I.D. likely unconstitutional, it is also useless. I read that a good set of papers can be had for $100 in LA. Anyone willing to pay a thousand dollars would have no need to fear exposure.

You are going to have a rough ride. But, this is truly important, and those who would have America a Police State know it. Just remember that an awful lot of folk are on your side, and at least some of us will help.

It is rare for me to donate to legal funds, but you are one woman who truly deserves and needs friends. Put me on your mailing list and I can come up with something.


Subject: Guts and Courage to stand up for what is right


I applaud the guts and courage to stand up for what is right. The powerbrokers of any government administration who sell the nation fear – whether based on terrorism, communism, or neo-McCarthyism - are not justified to place the Bill of Rights on the chopping block by their own discretion and political muscle. The Constitution and Bill of Rights was not meant to be bought and sold in the political marketplace or radically altered every four years based upon the religious or political whims of any administration. Standing up for what is right is not comfortable and is an altruistic sacrifice on behalf of the individual for social good. Deborah, you epitomize the phrase “Question Authority”. Authority needs to be constantly questioned as ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely’.


Subject: Papers Please


Hold your ground and fight these Nazis, the American people are behind you.

God Bless the USA and Merry Christmas


Subject: Bus pass

To me you are a Patriot for standing up to what you thought was your lawful right, if you had been a young man the clubs or the pepper spray would have came out. In the end I am afraid we will come under total control, maybe not in my life time (66) but I don't hold much hope for my grandchildren.


Subject: Just found your story...

Hello Deb

A heartfelt thank you, from someone who found your story disturbing, but ultimately inspiring. I am a regular working stiff, and would have been inclined to act in much the same way. Sadly, I have to admit that I am not surprised at this unfortunate incident due mainly to the politics of fear culture that we live in. It is a relief to hear and read of someone with your courage. We send our best wishes to you.

Living free in the Midwest,


Subject: Thank you

Mrs. Davis, thank you for standing for principle and our God-given, Constitutionally protected rights.

Subject: Real American

I am proud of you for standing up for your rights that our children have died defending. This is not Russia nor will it ever be as long as there are people like you! I will say a prayer for you and you will be in my thoughts.

God Bless,


Subject: Stay strong for democracy

I admire your stand for democracy. Many thanks to you - and the ACLU, too!!


Subject: Hang in there, you're right

More people need to do what you've done. That took a lot of courage. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers....


Subject: Thank you Deborah!!

Dear Deborah,

I applaud you for standing up alone against the federal armed "police". Your act was the act of a true American patriot and a hero. You were not only defending your rights but the rights of all Americans, including future generations. You are not alone. You have the suppost all all FREEDOM loving citizens across our nation and the world.

The government has placed us on notice. There intent is now clearly obvious. Fascism by any other name including "Homeland Security" is still fascism. Now it is time for all of us to rally together, stand up and place them on notice by screaming NO! I cannot thank you enough! God bless you!!



I applaud you for the step you took. Our current government is taking away more and more of our freedoms every day.

It makes me wonder why the likes of Bill O'reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh have not come to your rescue.

Thank you again for standing up for all free Americans!


Subject: Thanks Deb

It's Americans like you that give us hope for the future.

Peace & Respect to you and yours.


Subject: For What it's Worth

"There's something happening here. What it is, ain't exactly clear. There's a man with gun over there. Telling me I got to beware." And Deborah said "I think it's time we stop, hey, what's that sound. Everybody look what's going down." You're the best. We are behind you brave lady.



Subject: Apologies Not enough

You're a real patriot and maybe even a new revolutionary.


Subject: fight the nazification of america

There's not much I can say that hasn't already been said, but I feel the need to add my voice to the chorus. What's happening in this country sickens me.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights are not merely words, they are America. The fact that any person can be stopped and harassed in the US for no other crime then simply being in public means the Constitution is meaningless. We MUST fight this erosion of our rights! The roman historian Tacitus wrote: 'The worst crimes were dared by a few, willed by more and tolerated by all.' We will not tolerate this.

Ms. Davis, I don't know what I can do to help beyond offering my support and utmost respect for your stand. You are not alone.

Good luck!


Subject: your papers please

Deb; What you did was great. You stood up for your rights & the rights of all the citizens of the US. I would have done the same thing. Good Luck!!


Subject: Unreal

Deb I keep telling people we are headed for a society that is not FREE. I have sent your site to many, hopefully they will send it to their friends and so forth.

Good luck in your trial. Keep us all posted. I will check frequently.


Subject: good for you..

If you don't stand up for your rights, you don't have any rights.


Subject: We need more Americans like you!

Deb, You are standing up for your rights! There is a famous quote "If you don't know your rights, you have none!" I'm glad to see someone knows there rights and is willing to stand up for them. Perhaps the Federal Denver Center should consider asking for identification only from those disembarking from the bus, as you had no intention of entering the facility and were only passing thru on the public bus. It would seem to me that if one remains on the bus, then they are not entering the facility and thus the production of identification can not be mandated. Best of luck with your case!


Subject: Applause!

You are more of an American than any of those officers. Thank you for having the courage to stand up for your rights and for letting this be known so that others can see. There are many people applauding you.


Subject: Good luck

I don't know if you will win but I do know you were right.

Subject: We Need More People Who Are Willing Willing To Stand Up For


My mother was a Holocaust survivor. She would be proud of you! I know I am.


Subject: good on you

More power to you babe,glad this has found public interest and may wake a few people up to what is happening at home today.I have been abroad for a few years and am shocked at the changes here in the states.In all that time traveling I have only needed ID when passing boarders,since back I have had to show,leave in trade for elevator passes,to enter buildings etc over 30 times in 3 months compaired to a few times in over 3-4 years in asia,nz.oz,across europe.Has nobody been awake here at home to see how they use security issues to strip us of our freedoms? No your not rosa parks,but you are an american and one that has stood her ground based on the fact you can.Your fist is in the air in the land of hipocracy and I salute you for it.Good luck in court.

Subject: I stand with you and will share this with my kids


I'm so proud of you and stand with you. We are functionally living in a police state and it's imperative that we stand together on this. The government should live in fear of the people, not the people in fear of the government. This website of was also very informative...

My daughter Alicia has repelled public school pressure to have assigned seating at lunch break on the constitutional grounds as well - the freedom of assembly and I was told by school officials that found out I encouraged her to petition the school and students in protest that "oh, I was one of THOSE parents!" Yes, I am one of those and will encourage all of our children to follow your example.

BW from SD

Subject: papers please

You have become one of my heroes.


Subject: best wishes

I'm glad to see the check I send every year to the ACLU being put toward such a good cause.(although I believe in everything the civil liberties union stands for)

Good luck Keith

Subject: My prayers are with you deb

Thank you Deb for your courage. Best wishes in court: win one for people!!

Subject: good luck!

Thank you for doing what is right. you have my full support. Good luck, i will continue to follow your story.


Subject: I'm cheering for you Deb

We loose our Freedom when good people stand by and do nothing. Thanks for taking a stand. You are a great American.


Subject: Thank you!

You make me proud, Deb, and hopeful that this is another beginning in our attack on the Patriot Act and Homeland Security! Thank you.


Subject: Police Brutality


Thank you for knowing and acting upon the Constitutional Rights we all (should) have. You're a model to follow.

MM in TX

Subject: I Applaud you


It is indeed acts like these that keep our government from controlling our every move. This society is becoming more and more controlling of our actions and it is good to see that there are people who are willing to stand up for there rights. I eagerly await the first chance I have to stand up for my rights the way you have. All it takes is the first person to oppose them and others will follow, hopefully others will be compelled to not allow the government to control them.


Subject: Are your messages just from Denver?

This is a big wake up call what happened to Deborah Davis or I should say, should be a big wake up call. I find no surprise in this horrific event and had I been sitting next to that woman on the bus I would have stood up with her and for her. I am a forty seven year old grandmother of nine. I am a mechanic and have done nothing but try to live my life honestly and simply. I am a direct descendant of Flanders Callaway and Daniel Boone the founders of this country and the deterioration of our civil rights would definitely disgust them I am sure as it does me.


Good for you, Deborah. When will more people, like yourself, decide "enough is enough."


Subject: You have my support

Hi Deb,

Just wanted to say thank you for what you did and for finally sending out the message to those in authority in America that we will not stand for our civil liberties being trampled on by anyone.


Subject: Papers please

In both world wars, Americans fought, bled, and died to stop such measures from reaching our shores. The stand which you have chosen to take must have put your guts into turmoil. You knew there would be consequences, just not what form those consequences would take.

Well, now we know.

You are treated like a common hoodlum, no different as one who just robbed a bank. The difference is, you only stood up for your rights.

I wish you well; and upon obtaining your freedom and being cleared from this Faustian nightmare, I would hope you would take time to sue the Police and your former employer who did not support you in your time of need.

Semper Fi

I find it repugnant that the Homeland security thingy would make a formal demand for ID in a situation where the security personnel would not be able to do this. You cannot suck and blow at the same time.

The homeland security people know they could not get this ID through the front door, so they backdoored the request. This needs to go to the Supreme Court, so once and for all. Americans can finally understand just how little freedom they actually have.


Subject: Good Luck

We over the pond are apparently headed this way, much to the disgust of the majority, I just hope that everything goes well for you and that we over here can fight off this proposed legislation.


Subject: You Make Me Proud

Hi Deborah,

Thanks for standing up for our rights. I can imagine that it is hard to do the right thing, but often it is the hard decisions that are the right decisions.

Your actions have given me hope that the people will be able to stand up for what is right.

Best of luck to you and your family in this hard time!

Thank you,


Subject: RE Loss of Freedom

Thank you for taking a stand in defense of us all.


Subject: fight the good fight

We're behind you 100%. It's about time someone took a stand, and we're proud of you for being the one to do it. This isn't a Police State, it's America, and you have a chance to remind them, and all of us, exactly what that means. Go for it. Good Luck!


Subject: Thank you for giving me hope.

I'm about as macho a guy as you'll likely meet, a red-blooded, white-skinned Episcopalian. But your story brought tears of shame to my eyes. We should all be ashamed that we have not joined you. Recently, I was accosted by a policeman who demanded my ID, when I asked why, he said that state law required me to carry one and to provide it upon request. I am so accustomed to this type of petty harassment and abuse of authority that I simply acceded to his demand.

And you and I are white. I cannot count the number of times that I have seen these petty demands for compliance, always under cover of law, visited upon minorities.

You are a shining example to all of us.

Subject: Your Papers Thank You

Dear Deborah,

On behalf of the founding principles of our nation and freedom loving people everywhere, Thank You for braving the wrath of the State and taking the stand that we are still? a free people.

Your actions and the subsequent actions of the State are so very important to the life of our nation.


Subject: Good for you!

I support you completely! Thanks for being a great citizen.

P in SD

Subject: Our Civil Liberties


I, personally, am grateful to you for your courage to stand strong in the face of misused authority.

What frightens me, however, is that we aren't all outraged at what happened to you. It frightens me that the other passengers on the bus didn't back you up. It didn't occur to them that they were being wronged. Where were their convictions?

What are people thinking?

I am frustrated beyond belief at the current social climate in the United States.

May your courageous example shake the complacency and apathy from our citizenry's collective conscience.


Subject: Fed cops or fascists-are-us

Hope you get to hit them where they live when you go to court. Looks like you have a chance; good legal team backing you up. This kind of fascist activity needs to be stopped now or it will just get worse.

Subject: i read your story

i read about your refusal to show your id. i commend you on your courage. id cards are just a method to try to control and monitor the populace. there have been similar movements to stop id cards in the UK and other places. most people don't even think about this or their easy pass (or regional equivalent). good luck to you.


Subject: You are right, Deb, and they are wrong

I am not a "lefty" but I am really angry at the drift in our country toward a big brother police state. And the worst is, the president, who seems to be leading the charge toward increased government intrusion in our lives at all levels and in all ways, is the one person who is constantly mouthing the words freedom and liberty in his speeches. Well, I want to see a real rebirth of freedom in this country, before it is too late. Your courageous stand against this unreasonable demand to show your papers (how Nazi/Commie like!) is the way the movement against liberty will be blunted. You are the 21st century's Rosa Parks. Good for you! I will be watching your case as it evolves, believe me.


Subject: Big Brother, Go To Your Room!

Get up, stand up, don't let apathy lose us our country. Is this the America we were raised to believe in? No, it's sounding more and more like 1984 to me.

Good for you for standing up.


Subject: The Feds' case

I'm so glad you're standing up to them! I was in the Air Force in Colorado Springs, and saw first hand how they treated people. It wasn't pretty. Go get em, Deb! You're our new Rosa Parks.


Subject: ID

You deserve to be commended for standing up for your rights, Deb! Too many people today are willing to roll over and submit willingly to any ILLEGAL and UNNECESSARY governmental intrusion into their lives. You did the right thing, even when faced with intimidation by federal police. Thank you for standing strong and refusing to submit to the bully tactics employed by the government. YOU are a true patriot.

Best wishes for you & your son.

JW Norman, OK

Subject: Freedom

Right on Deb! I'm angry at the direction our country is headed. We freedom loving people must continue to defy those that would take it from us.


Subject: Well Done, Deb

Well done, Deb.

Our governments and too many citizens are confusing bureaucracy with security. Government officials, embarrassed by continuing unpreparedness and complete lack of appropriate response to incidents like the WTC and the big hurricanes, are searching for an easy ways to look responsive.

Paying security guards to glance at drivers licenses and pat down 80-year-old grandmothers is easier than coming up with effective policies and response plans.


Subject: Your fight

Don't let the bastards get away with this. This is not and will never be a police state UNLESS we let them get away with it. Remember that when a right is taken away it is never given back.

I'm really upset that more coverage is not being given to this ugly incident especially in the light of the coverage given to the death of Rosa Parks.

Subject: Supreme Court


I hope you find your way to the supreme court and that the authors of these tyrannical dictates find their way to their new offices in the corner of the lavatory.

Beside you all the way,


Subject: Thank You, Deb


Thank you. What you have done is every bit as important and monumental as what Rosa Parks did. We have become a country in which individual rights are being trampled, and the populace accepts it all in a cheerful cooperation that mistakes docility and obedience for patriotism.

You are my hero.


Subject: Go Deb! You Rock!

F*ck the Man! Gotta say Deb I applaud your courage and knowledge of your rights. Many people yield to police authority in numerous situations which leads to fradualent abuse of their rights and often arrests which could have been avoided. Props for getting the media attention and spreading the word. Papers Please? F that.

B from Philly

Subject: I applaud you for your courage

Deborah, you are so right to take a stand on this. Have you considered the irony of your case going to arraignment in U.S. District court almost exactly fifty years since Rosa Parks took her stand?

Best regards,


Subject: Your need to have a pass

A few weeks ago the United States officially honored a lady who had another bus incident many years ago. Her name of course was Rosa Parks and the ID she did not have to claim a seat in the bus was white skin. We all know how this turned out with this lady of great courage lying in state in the Capital Rotunda. I trust that the court for Deborah Davis on December 9 will not only throw this case out of court but give the police involved a severe tongue lashing and ordered to publicly apologize to Ms. Davis for their inordinate actions. Good luck Deborah.


Subject: My Head Is Still Spinning! Is This America or a Fascist State?


I don't know what's happened to America since Bush came into office, but I THINK it's leaned so far to the right that fascism has overtaken anything resembling democracy.

You fight the good fight and you hang in there. As a woman over 50, I'm proud as hell of you. As an American, I don't think ANYONE -- cop, priest, federal agent -- has the right to stop me, OR search me, OR demand ID from me just because they're some sort of authority figure.

This travesty may have been visited upon you for a reason you won't understand until many years down the road.

You refused to comply with an illegal "order" given to you by an idiot in a uniform. One other woman did that in the early 50's, and I think your courage will spark a movement every bit as strong as the Civil Rights movement that resulted from Rosa Parks simple act of courage.

Peace to you.


Subject: Rosa Parks Redux

The nearly first thing I thought of as I read your story was how these monstrous hypocrites in Washington have recently made such a do about the late Rosa Parks who refused to acknowledge the established rights of segregation and yet have spread their established rights of the national security state as far and as wide as they can in the US of A. You did the right thing, and when the time comes I hope that I shall have your courage in the face of only-too-eager small-fry operators for the totalitarian state.


Subject: You are a real freedom fighter!

Dear Deb,

I respect what you did as a sacrifice much more important to America's freedom than the foolish, brutal, imperialist war in Iraq will ever prove to be. Your deed rings the freedom bell as loud as another lady who wouldn't get off the bus-Rosa Parks, and flies in the face of a hypocritical government that is bent on robbing us all of our liberties. I hope you can sue the pants off of them!


Subject: Good Luck

Hi Deb, You've opened up a real can of worms here. How dare we actually exercise our rights as American citizens ! You remind me of another American bus rider named Rosa Parks. Ring any bells ? It disgusts me how the American government spits in the faces of our founding fathers, and removes the personal freedoms of the voters who put them into office. Deb, you've done a good thing here. Stick to your guns... be a patriot, support your government and stand up for your rights. That's one of the biggest things that makes America great...Freedom !

Subject: To Deborah Davis

I hope you know about the growing number of people who are now aware of (what should have been) a simple act of courage on your part. We who remember the America of our youth, have watched in fear as our country of Law has degenerated into a country of Executive rule. With the recent passing of Rosa Parks, one is reminded of how one woman's courage became a seed crystal that precipitated a nationwide transformation.

May we return to a nation of people who understand the true source of America's pride; not our vanity, or our wealth or gluttony, but the brilliant concepts bequeathed to us by our founders, and our willingness to hold fast to them.

We are all in your debt. Even those who don't yet understand.


Subject: Just wanted to say.........

Kudos to you! Too many 'sheeple' just do what they are told and never realize that they actually have rights! I am sorry that you were treated this way though...what a load!


Subject: Brave lady

Hi Deb,

I want to thank you for standing up to this foolishness. Too many people are too willing to give up Constitutional freedoms in order to feel safe. The issue is about control.

It is only a matter of time and everyone will have to show their papers in order to move about. It is Nazi Germany all over again.


Subject: Fabulous presence of mind Deb

Wow Deborah, I didn't think anyone had any courage left in the face of the federal onslaught against Americans, but you showed presence of mind and courage that should make everyone ashamed. Keep up the good work and tell me how I can help you.


Subject: I admire you.

I admire you so much. I will pray for you and your family. I got the following from two people that I sent the article about you to.

From a woman:

Susan, Thought you might appreciate these comments from a preacher friend of ours regarding the Denver bus I.D. case ...

Here is something the Lord has laid on my heart in response to this and I am as sure of it as I am sitting here:

We thought communism was on its way out in the 80's. We shouted with glee when the Berlin Wall fell and Russia was splintered into small, independent, democratic countries. But consider this: Communism had already raped these countries to where they were living in ignorance and poverty..why stick around.

But America....boy would that be sweet to take THAT country over. And that is what communism has done.. We're fat, lazy, selfish and comfortable. The pioneering spirit has long gone The government is god WHAT A CLIMATE FOR TAKEOVER

The communists KNEW that we would be glad to sacrifice freedom for security and NOW we live in a police state endorsed by Republican and Democrat alike Our rights are quickly, not slowly eroding... Our right to privacy, free speech and weapons are on their way out The only hope left is a great revival in this land (commies HATE that) and a return to Godly values and the things that made this country great

May God bless you. You are so courageous. Thank goodness the ACLU is helping you for free.



Subject: Deb,

A few people like you who act like real adults and stand up for the dignity and safety of the rest of us that might open the minds of more people. Keep up your good work because this country needs a change of course.


Subject: Good for you!

Good for you Deb,

Our politicians, police even union officials in this country have forgotten who they work for.

We don't work for them and they have lost site of this fact.

Best wishes.


Subject: Thank you!


Good for you! Thanks for not just rolling over when these overzealous doughnut eaters came to restrict your rights and freedoms as an American citizen. There are some scary things going down in this country, perpetrated by people who wish to provide "security". Hopefully you standing up to this new form of terrorism will send a clear message that we are not in want of their "assistance".

Good luck to you!


Subject: RE: Next Stop: Big Brother



I just want to thank you for taking a stand on the issue of mandatory submission to illegal demands to produce identification.

Our "leaders" have been attempting to erode our personal liberties in the name of protection. They have been attempting to create a climate of fear in order to suppress any form of questioning of authority - either legal or not.

I wish you success in having these bogus charges dismissed and if true justice still exists some form of recompense for the time and energy that you have been forced to waste as a result of your standing up for your rights.

Your actions represent the best of the spirit of our Constitution.

Best wishes and heartfelt thanks.


Subject: Support

Dear Deb, Your website was forwarded on to me by a friend. I'd just like to voice my support of the stand you are taking.

Here in the UK we are fighting against the development of the national ID scheme; I'm more worried about the database that underlies the scheme than the card itself. We can't all just stand by like sheep as our freedoms that our political leaders claim to defend are steadily eroded, so I would just like to voice my support for you. I'll keep an eye on the website for developments.

With very best wishes,


Subject: Keep the Faith!


I wanted to let you know that I am behind you 100%. Clearly, we have every right to travel freely in this country without being subjected to thugs asking for "papers". I am currently serving in the US Air Force and have done so for the last 23 years in order to protect our freedoms. In our reenlistment oath we promise to defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Hopefully the average American is not only cognizant of our foreign enemies, but our domestic enemies as well. Good luck and thanks for you and your families' courage.


Subject: I Stand With You, Friend

Dear Deborah,

I recently read about your "case" on PapersPlease.Org.

I just want to say that I STAND WITH YOU, and I applaud your tenacious courage! You did the right thing and I'm proud of you. We need more honest, righteous people like you to take a stand against tyranny.

GOD BLESS YOU, Deborah. May the spirit of the Lord be with you. I'll be praying that your case has a very successful outcome.


Subject: Your case

Hi Deb! In the out set, allow me to applaud your gustiness. Whether you realized it at the time, or not you may have begun a ripple that will spread nation-wide. Keep up the good work and thank you for the additional valuable information.

Regards always, -- BB, BS, C.A.T.C.

Subject: Thank you!


It is patriots like you that make me proud to be an American. Thank you for fighting the good fight. Stay strong.


Subject: Sad

Deborah, I do not like to read things like this in the US. I hope you prevail in court. I read a story about a man, a millionaire who is doing the same thing with having to show an ID to fly. Keep up the good citizenship.


Subject: Bravo!

Dear Ms. Davis,

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for standing up to the ever increasing infringements on the civil liberties of American citizens. I have supported the ACLU in the past and will be making an additional contribution after reading your story. Keep up this fight. Also please accept my thanks for the sacrifice your family makes with your son in harms way in Iraq. Your son swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution. By your actions you too are defending the Constitution. You both have reason to be proud of each other.

Best Wishes,


Subject: Good Luck Deb!


It is so brave of you to take a stand to protect freedoms we should all be able to take for granted. Thanks and Good Luck!


Subject: you're doing the right thing

This isn't the country we grew up in any longer. It's so sad, especially since so few people realize the wrong turns we've taken as a nation.

I've read the federal statutes that purportedly apply to your case, and they clearly have nothing to do with riding a public bus through a federal facility, especially since you weren't even attempting to enter the federal facility! We're veering crazily towards a police state and hardly anybody even notices while our precious rights are further eroded by bureaucrats who accomplish nothing besides squandering our tax money.

Please take this case to trial -- you'll be winning an important fight for every concerned citizen.


Subject: Go Deb!

Good luck! Hopefully you score a victory for all us regular folk. This incident is further proof that our government is trying to "pull an Orwell," and people like you prove that we don't have to put up with that kind of garbage.


Subject: thank you

Dear Deb, Thank you! Thank you for standing up for the rights of all Americans that are slowly going away. On a recent holiday trip to Miami from Philadelphia, I decided at the last minute to take Amtrak, just so I could ride a train like I had done when I was young. I paid for a return ticket by cash because I needed all the credit card balance for the hotel etc As we pulled into Jacksonville, Federal agents from DHS knocked on my private cabin door.

They demanded ID, and wanted to search my property. I asked why I was singled out, and they wouldn't answer. Only when I complained to Amtrak did Jacksonville Feds say my last minute trip and paying cash singled me out.

Every day, more and more restrictions are placed on our travel and a scared public just complies giving up more rights. I wish I had your guts because my vacation was ruined by my cowardice. If ever I'm in that situation again, I pray I will have your courage,

God Bless You,


Subject: Go Deborah!

Hey Deborah,

I wish you the best of luck with your case. I'm behind you on this one.


Subject: ID Case

I just ran across your case and I'm appalled at what happened. You certainly have the right to travel on public transportation without having to show an ID.


Subject: Note of support

Dear Ms. Davis,

I just wanted to remind you are surrounded by a network of support. Hopefully you are not feeling lonely, but if you are, remember there are millions of people who stand with you. Your defense of the constitution is every bit as important as those in the armed forces.

Hang in there and be strong,


Subject: Quick note

People like you are what made America the beacon of liberty to the rest of the world. People like you are what will make it be that again, sooner or later, hopefully sooner. More power to you.

Subject: Good Luck from Canada

It's great to see you standing up for your (and the rest of Americans') rights - Good luck with your case. I immediately thought of the following:

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." -Benjamin Franklin, 1759

From a law student in Canada, best,


Subject: Thank you

At the risk of being on your mail list I had to write and applaud you for your patriotic action. I hear the mantra of "if you're not doing anything wrong you have nothing to fear" from many friends and family. When I point out that that's what people said in Hitler's Germany, they laugh it off.

It's a difficult decision you have made, and some of your family and so-called friends will not support you. Now is when you will find out who your friends really are because down deep they all know you are right.

Good luck,


Subject: Thankyou

Although I am North of you in Canada, I am very proud that there is a sane voice in the USA. Thankyou for bringing some light to an obviously over zealous 'government'.


Subject: good luck (sincerely meant)

Dear Deb

Congratulations on having the spine to stand up to the thugs who are trying to steal your rights and freedoms. I cannot say how saddened I am that America is deteriorating into a fascist state.

Again, sincere best wishes and God (no definition) bless


Subject: Way to go!

Thank you Deb! Your actions are truly inspiring.

LD Housewife & Mother

Dear Deb,

My concern in the small world around me is that most friends and acquaintances refuse to believe my calm warnings that the Fed is "taking over". Unwittingly your "Third-Reich" -ish incident has become an icon I pass on to disbelievers and detractors (with hardly a smirk or an "I told you so"). I'm sure you and the ACLU will succeed in your case and those responsible will get a smart little hand slap for being thuggish with you. I admire your stand-up reaction to their intimidation and pray you will not be "black-listed" and they will just go on about the business of finding "terrorists" like those making dirty bombs right under their noses.



Subject: Way to go, Deb

Fight on, Deb. I think / hope I would do the same as you in similar circumstances. Your son in Iraq is likely very proud...having a first hand example of the true values he puts his life on the line for.



Subject: You go, girl!

Good for you. Not many people would have the courage to act as you did, motivated purely by principle.


Subject: papers please

Read about your situation. Stay the course, Deb.


Subject: Bless you for your COURAGE!!!

Hello Deb, I just want to tell you that I back you up all the way. I will be fasting and praying for you the entire day on the 9th of December. What happened to you, an innocent upstanding citizen is deplorable! We are living in Naziland, revisited. Trying to get the brainwashed sheeple to wake up and smell the coffee is a hard task. They like remaining stupid and going along to "get along." Hats off to one FABULOUS, COURAGEOUS LADY! You will be continuously in my heart and prayers.


Subject: Try not to get discouraged

Dear Deb,

My, how I am in awe of you. You did a very courageous thing and I applaud that. Try not to let the government get you down. It is going to take we, the people to stand up and say, NO. We won't take it anymore and you can't invade our privacy. We can't let them take it because right now that's all we seem to have. They've taken some of it away but we need to hold on tight to what little we have left. I congratulate you Deb and honest please let it be known if you need any help. I should like to think I would do the same thing in your situations. Good luck in this and I will keep watching and if there's anything I can do I will keep watch on the website.

Fond Regards,


Subject: Good Going -hang on to what freedom you can.

Hi Deb,

Just a letter of support - I'll be in the same boat if the same happens to me especially if they try a national ID chip or chipped card. I hope you prevail.


Subject: Showing papers

I remember as a kid (over 50 years ago) when we collected "war cards." (kinda like baseball cards). One of the cards showed a Soviet cop asking for the papers of someone as that person walked down the street. We read in amazement that over there and individual could be asked for their papers at any time and had to tell the officer where they had been and where they were going. It appears we are getting closer to that state of existence here. Thanks for taking on this fight.


Subject: right ON!

It is ABOUT TIME someone did something about this! I don't like showing ID in the airport especially, and having to show it on a public bus is ridiculous! Unfortunately, this country is trending towards ultra right wing police state tactics, and I salute you for saying "ENOUGH!" Now if we can convince the majority of Americans that a national ID card is a BAD IDEA, we'd be OK....


Subject: Keep it up!!

thx for reminding the rentacops and Feds where the line is drawn. So many in the country seem to have lost their voices but you are a true American, speaking truth to power. May the Gods smile on you.


Subject: Wishing you well.

Dear Deb, Just came across your website through a popular blog. It's a shame that this can happen to a law-abiding citizen in our country. There are many reasons to love our country but I'm finding a lot more to dislike lately. I was born and raised in NYC to parents who were born and raised here, so I consider myself as American as anyone can be. I wholly disagree with any form of terrorism and fully support our government's efforts to prevent future attacks, but not at the expense of the loss of freedom of our own citizens, like you.

I wish you the best of luck in your legal fight against these ridiculous charges.


Subject: You go girl!

Keep hope alive. Thank you for putting it all on the line for my "freedom".

You are truly a hero(ine)


Subject: Deborah Davis - What laws say that you must show ID everywhere?

Subject: Questioning Authority.


It is a rare occasion in this day and age when someone like yourself has the courage and integrity to stand up to the abuse of authority. Do not despair, you are not alone.


Subject: Hi, and thanks

Hi, Deb:

I just wanted to say that I really admire what you have done, and hope that your case raises national attention to my belief that the events of 9/11 have been used over time to weaken our public freedoms.

To talk about these issues and worry about them is easy compared to the action you have taken. It really took courage, and I am so glad that you have it.



Subject: "Papers Please..."

I know you're probably getting inundated with email, but I just wanted to express my relief that there are still people like you in the world who do the things I would want to do if I had more of a spine. Your actions help define what America should be about and how it has evolved into a fear-ridden society.

Best of luck on your upcoming day in court...


Subject: Re; ID

I just read about your adventure and want to give you my moral support. It is very scary to think that anybody should have to present ID to any authority figure without any pretense of a reason. It used to be a free country but now it seems you have to fight a legal battle with a bunch of buffoons just to entitle you to your freedom. Good luck to you.


Subject: you got my support

I will be forwarding this issue to my rep and senators. pardon my language, but this is b*llsh*t.

enough is enough.

great job!


Subject: Courage

Dear Deb: Thank you for exerting courage to stand against a corrupt system. God Bless You for doing what every American aught to be doing. I'll be praying for you and the American Way.

Subject: God Help Us!

I wish you luck and may god be with us.

Joe in Hawaii.

Subject: Re: [PapersPlease] Commuting By Public Transport in Denver?


really the Nazis. peace, Rob

Subject: go you, girl!


Like many people, I get complacent about things I truly care about, especially during this busy time of the year. And, if you think about it, complacency is the entire reason for your case - "oh, what the heck - flash my ID and get through the line". Well, I have been complacent about letting my ACLU membership slide. My check goes out today. You have put a very real face on the fight for everyday freedoms.

Thank you, thank you, for fighting the good fight. I would like to say I would have done the same thing.

Keep me on your email list and/or notice of links to news stories. I can't figure out why the country isn't outraged at so many new 'have to's' we are put through since 911.



Subject: Good job, Deb.

Just want to let you know that I've just read your story, and will follow it as best I can. You are completely in the right, and I wish you the best in this.


Subject: Fight the Good Fight

Thank you so much for standing up against the abuse of all of our rights. People in this country better wake up before it's too late. Sincerely,


Subject: Keep fighting!

Deb, I am so proud of you and the stand you are taking. I just hope more people have your courage when they are pressed.



Subject: RE: [PapersPlease] Commuting By Public Transport in Denver?


This is an outrage! I don't know how much longer the people will stand for this new Nazi America.


Subject: Re: [PapersPlease] Commuting By Public Transport in Denver?

Papers, Please.

Thank you for this information. I am and will continue to share this around and inform people that violations of our constitutional rights are occurring and we need to have our 4th amendment rights assured.


Subject: thank you

Thank you for being willing to personally sacrifice your time and freedom to uphold civil liberties for all of us. May we all prevail.


Subject: Deb Davis

I was horrified and frightened to read about what happened to Ms. Davis on her bus ride. It is, after all, a cause for all citizens of these United States.



Subject: (no subject)

Good for you... I applaud you for standing up for our rights as an American.


Subject: My support!

Your case is both appalling and reason to join the ACLU. We wish you complete success in your defense against the growing Police State!


Subject: Keep up the Fight...

Thank you.

Thank you for taking a stand. For saying No. For refusing to be bullied by those who would trash our most precious freedoms and liberties.

Hang in there Deb -- this isn't the Soviet States of America yet...

You did the right thing.


Subject: Best wishes and thanks for standing up!

Hi Deb,

My name is Mike, and a applaud you standing up for yours (and mines) rights. I am so sick of this type of crap against regular law abiding citizens behind the guise of national security. My mother and I also had our own situation at a small airport in Vermont on the way to visit my sick grandmother and I ended up being detained and questioned. If I hadn't been so far from home and tired I probably would have done what you did. I know the situation is slightly different, but the principle is the same. We are not the problem!! and you are not alone! I will be watching and praying that you are successful for everyone.


Subject: Good luck Deb


I just read your story, Good luck with your case.

Lady, you have guts! and I admire you.

This should serve as a reminder as to what we were fighting for in W.W.II.

Take care,


Subject: More power to you!

Good cause.


Subject: no subject

You are doing something very, very important. Thank you very much. When Big Brother comes for my shall be my example. I'll be watching this. Go Deb and Gail!


Subject: Your case.

I agree with you 100% on your case. I believe that we have seriously lost something in this country, and I hold little hope that we'll get it back anytime soon. You are absolutely correct in your belief that one doesn't have to present papers to anyone simply 'on demand'.

Good luck in your case. If you win, this country will owe you a debt.


Subject: U.S. VS Deborah Davis

This is so much like NAZI Germany it's not even funny.


Subject: Re: [PapersPlease] Commuting By Public Transport in Denver?

Papers, Please.

At some point just answering your email probably becomes some sort of violation: thanks for the insight. Wow.

Subject: We're with you


I'm a proud ACLU member and happy to see that my little contribution can play a small part in the changes that will be catalyzed by brave and forthright souls like you.



Subject: Courage!

I'm glad that you had the courage to say no.

Subject: your case

I am a Federal Officer, you have my empathy that you have to go through this.


Subject: Stay the Course, this is happening everywhere


Thank you for calling these fascist, paramilitary kooks into question.

I am a citizen of the United States, born on the Fourth of July, and this fascism and paramilitary focus by our federal, state, county and city governments and police forces reflects the same philosophy of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Regime.

Thank you for standing up to this trampling of citizen's civil rights and destruction of the human spirit.


Subject: Your court case


I am so proud of you! Best wishes and good luck on Dec 9! Give 'em hell!


Subject: Despicable

Hello Deb, I wish you all the best. This is a travesty, something that should not be occurring here in the US. We have gone overboard since 9/11. The inadequacies of the agencies in charge of keeping tabs on the terrorists, have backfired on the American people. Instead of the agencies being controlled better, they have shifted the responsibility on us citizens. We did nothing wrong and yet they are destroying our rights given by our constitution. Very scary! I hope we see more people with courage such as yours and your son. I am so sick of the people who use the "I have nothing to hide, therefore.........." They are so dim they do not understand their own civil liberties. What kind of education are our children getting, that they do not understand right from wrong anymore. I guess its up to our generation to try to keep a limit on how much a police state we will tolerate in the name of safety. Seems an awful lot of our kids are incapable. Personally I would prefer no police state. We can undo the wrongs if we all stay true to course. We should not be punished for those awful acts, but we are. My family has been here for ages, and have fought in every war and skirmish ensuring liberties for one and all, I would imagine the deceased ones are "turning over in their graves. Thank you for standing up for our rights.


Subject: Thank you!


Thank you for not quietly go along to get along. I hope the charges against you are dismissed and you can sue the persons and agencies responsible for this affront to our Constitutional protections.

Good luck,


Subject: Many thanks

Ms. Davis,

What an inspiration you are to me! Thanks for your courage and willingness to pursue this "test case" for the benefit of all of us citizens who like to *think* we live in a free society.


Subject: Hang in there, Deb

Dear Deb,

I’m with you all the way.

Rosa Parks just died, so it’s time for a new heroine for a new generation of Americans “oppressed by government edict.”

I pray that this will wake up the complacent sleeping masses to the growing police state being thrust on us.

The libertarian ideals of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John and Abigail Adams, James Madison, and others of our courageous forebears must be revitalized if Americans are to regain our liberty and once more become the “land of the free and the home of the brave.”

I applaud your bravery and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Joy and abundance,


Subject: Deborah Davis case


Good luck to you with the case, this is an amazing story. Deborah Davis may very well be the Rosa Parks of the "Patriot Act" generation.

Best regards,


Subject: you go girl!

I am distressed to hear your story. Don't let the bad guys win! I'm rooting for you.


Subject: your court case

Government exists for one reason - to serve its people. That's why it keeps a degree of order. And that's why it's called the servant and the people, the masters. Or at least that's how it was before massive dumbing down in the government schools. It would be nice to see a challenge to the government, in court, as to how it is serving you, one private citizen, or all citizens in general, by demanding you flash an ID for its agents, even though they are obviously not interested in whatever information it contains. And if the government is not serving you, then why does it act as though it has a mandate to unlawfully intrude into your life? And if no mandate can be found, sue it to hell and back and put it in its proper place. If these things are not brought to bear there is no escaping the police state.


Subject: Hi Deb

I am sorry that you are being treated this way. It just boils inside of me that this stuff is becoming so common occurrence these days.

I hope I will be as brave as you when they knock on my door.

Please know that there are many folks that think of you in a supportive manner, and you are an inspiration to us all. You let us know that we are not wrong....they are.

The best to you and yours,


Subject: Thank you


I just wanted to thank you for your willingness to stand up for your rights. By doing so, you help defend all of our rights and your actions make it a just a little bit easier for the rest of us to do the same.

I do hope you will consider suing the bastards after you successfully defend yourself against the trumped up charges.



Subject: Thank You

I just wanted to THANK you for showing the type of public spirited resolve that most of the photo-op addicted politicians who glommed onto Rosa Park's funeral in Detroit a few weeks ago claim to UNRESERVEDLY support. ( I assume both of the Clintons have flown to be at your side....yeah, sure. ) If we even have a civil society LEFT in a couple of years we will be in your debt for this invaluable work to preserve it. In the meantime , you have exposed the extent to which our law enforcement agencies & their civilian overseers are currently infatuated with GESTAPO ( see: Germany; mid-century ) philosophy & tactics.


Subject: Go, girl!


I just read your story. If we don't stand up for America, we will lose it. Officers have no right demanding papers from folks riding a bus. Keep up the good fight. Thank you for your courageous stand.

Pro Vexillis!


Subject: Wishing you the best!

I'm usually not on the side of cases taken by the ACLU, but yours is one of those that I applaud them for!

I don't recall a federal law requiring US Citizens to carry ID with them in the United States. It seems to go contrary to what our Founding Fathers held dear.

Our rights are continually violated in the name of "National Security". I have to ask, however, without our basic freedoms, what is left to secure?

I want you to know that there are millions of Freedom loving Americans standing behind you and rooting for you in this struggle.


Subject: Korea paratrooper veteran

Thought I was fighting for my country to have freedom. You were illegally harassed on that bus. Good for you true Americans all are behind you -- what a embarrassment for your son in Iraq -- am so proud of people like you.

an ex-paratrooper,


Subject: Good for you

Just read your website. Thank you for what you are doing.


Subject: re: your papers (please)!

You deserve my fullest credit and respect for having the honor and integrity to refuse, to object, to demand their authority! May the Creator bless and guide you!


Subject: Police State

Your experience is beyond scary and the actions of the feds are reprehensible. God be with you in your battle against the tyranny of out-of- control government.


Subject: What the ...

I'm almost speechless! What happened to you should NOT have occurred in our nation. My darling 19 year-old daughter thinks you were wrong by not presenting your "papers" on demand. I believe she still has a lot to learn about our rights that are guaranteed by our Constitution.

Keep the faith!


Subject: Laws about ID

Hi Deb -

Congrats for taking the stand all the way.

God bless,



Dear Mrs. Davis-

A friend of mine, and a real patriot, sent me an-email about your situation. It is the most outlandish situation I ever heard! You are to be commended for your stance in support of

the U. S. Constitution.


Subject: Stay the course!

Good morning!

Sadly, you are the one doing the work that many other Americans must do now (and often) when confronted with any demand to ‘show your papers.’

I hope that you are well and encouraged to keep on this track; your courage and out-spoken mode (website) is very much needed.


Subject: Your Stance

Dear Ms. Davis,

You are courageous and patriotic in the truest sense. Your arrest was despicable at best. Your behavior was American at it's finest.

Although you and I have not met, I am proud of what you have done and are continuing to do. It's about time the "sheeple" are shown a true U.S. Citizen's response to tyranny. It's also about time the U.S. Government is shown there are still a few FREE Americans.

I am wishing you the best. Your case will be as the "Canary in the coal mine" for the rest of the nation. IF, for some unGodly reason, the Feds prevail in this case, there will be NO future for freedom in this country without massive civil disobedience. I am concerned that "we" may have already gone past the point of no return. I pray that my concern is unjustified, and that you not only are exonerated, but, also receive a public apology from all the offending agencies and parties involved.

God Bless you for "Fighting the good fight."

RW Viet Nam Veteran, Doctor, and NRA Instructor

Subject: keep up the good fight

Don't ever give up the fight to maintain our freedoms. I have lived in Poland just after the fall of communism and I could still see the remnants of the authoritarian state control. Carrying papers identifying yourself was required at all times and could be asked for without cause by any government official or police officer.

I realized at that time how lucky I was to live in such a free country that would never allow such freedoms to be taken away as they had been in the Eastern Bloc. It does frighten me to see what has been done to you. It is time a statement be made against the reduction of our civil liberties in the same of safety. I think every American should ask themselves, "how much freedom am I willing to give up to purchase a little security?" Added to that is the fact that many times we give up this freedom for a false security as you stated on your website. Our freedoms are much too important to let them slowly be taken from us like a frog slowly being heated until it dies without a fight.

I wish you all the best and am glad to see you have someone to represent you. Unfortunately I am skeptical because the federal government has become much too powerful and can use that power to squelch such arguments as you are making. The founders of this country had no greater fear than a strong central government that would be able to take their freedoms and oppress them.

Subject: Go Deb!


This incident is really disturbing, and I love you Deb for having the courage to take a stand. This took REAL courage considering the times we live in. You made my day, Deb. I hope that if it comes down to it, I will be able to follow your lead.


Subject: Best Wishes To You

Hi Deborah: I was very disheartened to hear of your dreadful experience. Who would've ever thought that somebody in America could get arrested for the "crime" of riding a city bus and minding their own business?