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Dear Mr Gilmore,

I am really happy to see that American people fight for their rights and don't accept just anything because they are told so. Creating "secret laws" is the root of dictatorship.

I am pretty sure some people see you as a non patriotic citizen for criticizing the system. But one only criticizes what one loves, to make it better.


Dear Mr Gilmore,

Please consider my total support in this extremely and unbelievable "law" introduced by .....? and on ....?

It reminds me "old" days of the Stalinism in Russia, where people couldn't travel from one place to another without a special permission from the local police.

With my best regards


First, thanks for your efforts in attempting to travel freely.

I realized some time ago that for the most part people don't want to think. I don't really know why, I'm sure there are a myriad of reasons. But I can see most clearly from watching, talking, and working with them, that they do not for the most part have any idea how to think, reason, connect cause and effect, or believe in something because their mind knows it to be true, regardless of the pain it might cause them to face it, or the guy next to him that tells him it's all a dream.

So therefore they want to show ID. It makes them feel safe. And feelings are more important than reality, simply because they believe that their mind controls reality. Their perception is more important than some external absolute. Especially one like the Constitution.

This is why they are going to use face-scans in the new biometric system, even though fingerprints are more reliable and secure in every way (to the extent that such things can be) . They said the people being fingerprinted would "feel like criminals." Presumably because they are busy watching TV of police bookings, instead of doing some thinking.

Anyway, I don't know how to fight it really, this undying willingness to do anything to feel good. But this certainly seems like one of the best avenues left open to us.

Good luck, we need it.

Good morning, Mr. Gilmore

I became aware of your case today through EPIC Alerts. Secret Laws? Just unbelievable! Consider my total support in this extremely Orwellian environment. Hope is two months away.

Sincerely in constant amazement,

Hey John,

We met many years ago at a crypto conference in Anguilla. I just saw your name come up on my EPIC mail re. the Ashcroft case. good luck with that... I will be following with interest...

all the best

Hi Mr. Gilmore!

If only more people would stand up against the government. This would be a whole different country then. Political correctness is getting out of control. The government's gradual gutting of civil liberties. Its ever more successful attempts at increased monitoring, not only of its citizens and residents, but also of anybody else in the world. Can we say totalitarian?

Isn't it ironic that this country is now closer than it ever was to becoming what they've tried to fight for so long: Communist? And people put up with it! I wholeheartedly agree with George Carlin on this one: People don't care because they've been turned into the mindless sheep of consumption society.

Keep fighting the good fight. Maybe the sheep will wake up before it's too late and see that the ones that are leading them are leading them in the wrong direction. Somehow I doubt that'll happen any time soon.

Just my $0.02.

This is one of those "creeping" issues and you have helped to raise my awareness. I call it a "creeping" issue because the creep up on us and are accepted with little or no noise.

I referenced your site to my father - a conservative by any measure - and his opinion was as I expected: Security is worth it. I happen to agree with the sentiment that knowing who someone is (or is not) - if possible at all - does little to guarantee security. As I understand it, all 19 hijackers of 9/11 had valid drivers licenses. Boy, good thing we are looking at ID cards, huh?

I honestly don't know what the Supreme Court will say on this issue. Since Americans pretty much accept it as it is, they may decide to let it be. Thoughtful consideration would of course support your position.

It seems obvious to me that "knowing" who someone is (or isn't) doesn't stop that person from doing anything. The only true improvements in security involve eliminating access to weapons that can threaten a large number of people. In support of this, consider what would happen today if a hijack attempt was made today. Would the people sit passively and do as the hijacker demands - as the flight attendants were taught pre-9/11? I don't think so. Not with guns nor knives in the hijacker's possession, and certainly not with box cutters as they used that day. Travelers today would risk individual injury - even death - to prevent access to the plane's controls because the plane is a much more dangerous weapon than the knife or gun. Just my thoughts on the matter - sorry to ramble.


Just was reminded by the recent wired article about your lawsuit re: id requirements to travel. I want to say thanks for your efforts, both on this front and in founding EFF. I appreciate what you've done to help the US conform more to it's ideals.



We're the same age - I also was interested in programming but turned to sales instead. Later in life, my prior limited education in programming served me well as I was able to develop (albeit QuickBasic) a comprehensive program for sales people rather than accounting. The goals were to provide forward and backward comparisons along with a unique "composite model SKU analysis" that would suggest additional items to carry based on the account's distribution model and volume by current items.

I am not writing this to present my accomplishments but to applaud your efforts and to determine how I may assist.

Airlines began requiring ID when they determined that small businesses were using previously purchased tickets for individuals to send other individuals. This is a fact that can be documented. The airlines forced this issue in 1997.

As a small business manager, there were many times when I had terminated employees and needed to send the new employee on the specific trip. This really comes into play where trade shows are concerned and you need to book several months in advance. I have communications sent to top AA management in this regard but no answer.

The airlines grabbed the ID platform in order to increase revenue margin. At the same time they increased "change" charges from $35 in 1994 to $75 in 1997 to now $100.

In my opinion, the airlines have long wanted to establish a "federal mandate" that would give them the authority to demand your ID. That is the "Secret Law" for which the American public is not allowed to know.

Best regards,


Keep on fighting for all of us. Remember, your fight is important, and it is not easy to be a revolutionary, since you alone bear the cost of your effort, when the benefit is spread across the entire society.

Take care,

Thank you for fighting this!

No need to respond - I just wanted you to know that your efforts are greatly appreciated.


Dear John Gilmore,

Today, I read the WIRED News story of your court case. Thank heavens there are some rational people left in this nation! It seems as though most people are ready to bare every secret to government intrusion. And your beliefs are dead-center! After reading recently that audience members for Bush speeches are now required to sign loyalty oaths, I have no doubt this bunch of criminals would readily deny boarding of airliners to anyone with opposing views.

Who would have ever believed that in America, you would be forced to sign a loyalty oath to hear your own 'president' speak??? It sounds like something out of my childhood when big bad commies were lurking around every corner.

Well, bless you in your case. I went to your web site thinking I'd donate a few dollars - I'm not wealthy, but I believe in what you are doing - and then discovered that you are a very wealthy person already. Double kudos to you! You could selfishly enjoy your money, but instead are putting it to just about the best use possible. Keep up the good work!

Thank you once again!

John I just "stumbled" upon your website. I applaud your efforts. I only wish I had the resolve you did. My family and I flew to Philly last week. We bought a one way ticket. We were "selected by our airline" to be "searched." I was so concerned about what they were doing with my 17 and 9 year old daughters that the guy searching me had to put my wallet under my nose as he was searching it to get my attention. Good luck John, I am grateful for people like you that are willing to stand up for our freedom and our Constitution.


Mr. Gilmore,

This is a good fight and I hope you win it.



Keep fighting. You are correct.


I'm with you on this, John. There has been a shift from a time when Americans were proud that we did not have to possess identification when engaging in activities that are ours to do by right.

This trend is not limited to the airline flight issue. I hope your case helps reverse it. My best wishes for your success in this litigation.


just wanted to say "thank you." you're fighting an important fight for all of us.


Give 'em hell, John.

Mr. Gilmore,

Today I came across your website and was very moved by it. I'd like to express my gratitude for what you are doing.

Thanks and best of luck,


A sincere thanks for your civil liberties efforts on behalf of all of us.



As a techhead eyeballing an MLS degree, freedom and liberty are at the top of my list. While I tend to focus more on freedom of information and trying to limit copyright, I think your ordeal falls right into my sights.

Good luck with your fight and I do hope you win. We cannot let unconstitutional, secret law govern us.


Hi John - I am a pilot and find your case to be very worthy of hearing.

It pains me to see the 'useless' efforts required that make only a show of security while common sense (or even better yet, academically studied and researched) solutions are ignored and not implemented.

Best of luck to you in your fight. I read your brief and learned a lot. Hopefully you will get your day in court. And thank you for helping defend all our rights.




Thank you for your efforts - on behalf of all Americans.