DENVER, 9 December 2005. Not only will Deborah Davis not be prosecuted on charges related to her refusal to show ID on a public bus, but she is now able to travel on the route 100 RTD bus without showing her 'papers.'

Deb's lawyer, ACLU volunteer attorney Gail Johnson, was informed shortly before noon on December 7th by the office of the US attorney in Denver of their decision not to prosecute.

On Friday the 9th of December, after a rally in support of Deb's stand in favor of the Freedom to Travel, Deb took a victory ride on the route 100 RTD bus.

At the entrance to the Federal Center office park, a rent-a-cop once again demanded ID. Once again, Deb declined. The bus was then detoured around the federal office park, allowing Deborah to travel freely without ID.

The RTD supplied a second bus to transport those whose final destination was the Federal Center. Whether the taxpayers of metropolitan Denver will want to continue to subsidize the Feds by adding a special bus in support of dubious federal ID policies is a question for another day.

Deb stood her ground. She won. And America is a better country for it.